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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cold: the leaves are falling

I am not so keen on going out in the wind and cold. I never go out in the rain.
     When it is sunny, I lounge on my bus seat in my enclosure, as the winter sunlight reaches in there and falls on top of me. Or I lie on my north facing high shelf, which is a bit closer to the sun.       Sometimes at night, Lynettea finds me outside, enjoying the crisp air while gazing around.
     Last night, when I rushed in, she said, 'Why is your tail all bristled out, Sasha? Did another cat frighten you?'
     As if I would be frightened! I saw another cat off, down the side of the house. When it saw my huge size, it ran away.      I can't get out of the pergola area (my play area), but that doesn't stop other cats sometimes running along the fence, or the path at the side of the house. I tried to look out of the kitchen windows, but they were pulled right down.
     'It is too cold to open the windows, Sasha,' said Lynettea. 'Come and have a snuggle on the lounge.'
     After that we had a game with one of my toys on a wand, with me bolting around on the artificial grass. I dart out of my tunnel to surprise it and sometimes rush through my small velvet tunnel.
     Lynettea thinks it is very funny and can't stop laughing. Humans have a strange sense of humour.
     But then she went back and tapped tapped on the computer for a  long time before giving me a brush  in preparation for bed-time. It settles her down to brush my coat, so she often brushes me before she goes to bed. I sit on her knees and put my paws up to her chest to keep her warm.
     Today has been cold and I am already in my cosy, dreaming.


Lone Star Cats said...

I luv gettin brushes too!

Summer at said...

The nerve of those other cats, coming around your property!