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Saturday, July 16, 2016

All Quiet

After the noise all day yesterday, with the gas workers ripping holes in the street, it is now the weekend and quiet. I am back in my cosy on the lounge, instead of crouching under my bus seat in my enclosure in the freezing cold.
The gas is back on, so there is hot water to wash my plates. Of course I don't wash them. A cat has a human to do that.
Lynettea says the gas workers will continue on Monday, as they will be starting next door. They have left big holes all along the street.
I haven't seen the holes, as I prefer not to take Lynettea out that way when it is noisy.
She says some of the gas workers are female, which surprised her. She said that is progress. No cat gas workers. (They have more sense).

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Summer at said...

Ugh, gas working is human's work! No kitty should have to do that.