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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

the morning's incidents

I am sleeping on the bed in my mock furs after a disrupted morning. Lynettea was out. Why does she leave me alone when there is noise and disruption? She wasn't even hunting in the petbarn store or the supermarket for my foods.
When she got home, I greeted her at the door. Usually I don't do this, so she knew I was upset. She was very surprised, because the gas people had come and repaved the street outside her house. The other pits down the street were still there.
We don't know why she had this favour, but she was really pleased. She was not pleased when she opened the letter box and found the company who was delivering two filing cabinets had called twenty minutes before she got home. She had instructed that they were to leave the cabinets, but they had not. She rang them and they will come tomorrow. So she will be here to look after me, as is right.

'This means, Sasha, that two of your scratching posts in the kitchen will have to be moved elsewhere,' she said to me.
'Where will they go?' I asked, looking around the room.
'We will have to see.'
She knows there is no more room for anything.
'You can jump on the filing cabinets, instead, Sasha.'
This is very disruptive. I don't want filing cabinets to jump on and it will completely disrupt my Olympic Training Circuit for the high jump, the long jump and the hurdle.
It is raining so much that it is almost impossible to do any serious training.


Summer at said...

Filing cabinets are not good replacements for scratchers - what is your human thinking?

Sasha said...

Do you imagine she thinks? As a cat I have often wondered if humans think. There is probably some primitive process of reasoning.

Hannah and Lucy said...

How are you supposed to sharpen your claws on a tin box??

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

That is unacceptable. Maybe she could put the file cabinets in the bathroom.