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Saturday, August 13, 2016

human grooming: some thoughts

Lynettea was telling me a story, trying to get me to sympathise with her. She went into a department store, because her favourite smell remover was running out and she couldn't buy it at her usual shop.
It makes you wonder what is happening on the high seas between here and wherever it is made.
She looked for the natural, low cost brand of cosmetics she usually buys, and they didn't make deodorants.  A shop assistant told her to look in a special Brand Section nearby.
Lynettea was suspicious when she got there, because the products seemed to have no price labels.
A very well groomed young man with blond hair came up to her. He opened a drawer and took out two sprays. Lynettea said, suspiciously, 'Oh, you keep them in a drawer?'
But no, he pointed out the shelf where they were all standing in a row and invited her to inspect the sprays. She went up and read the labels, as she always does. They were in little print and hard to read. She had to take her glasses off to see the print properly. Well, after a thorough inspection of ingredients, she decided to ask.
'I suppose because these are all unpriced, they are expensive?'
The well dressed young man now had a lady assistant with him too. They both stared at Lynettea, who was the only person looking at their products.
The young man took out a price list from the drawer and brought it over to her. He started reading it and found the small bottles of deodorant spray with herbal scents.
'They are $35.00 each,' he said.
Lynettea almost jumped, she told me.
When she said it was too expensive for her, the young man said,' Thank you very much,' in a polite and very distant fashion and put the folder away.
So she went to the chemist.
Humans smell like humans. Why should they try to disguise themselves? I like to smell like me. I hope she does not try any cat deodorizing sprays on me.


Summer at said...

I don't get it either - the smells are the best part!

The Florida Furkids said...

YIKES $35? Is it a permanent remover? Mom says it would have to be before she would spend that much! Funny thing, Mom brought a really nice and natural human smell remover and actually ended up breaking out in a horrible rash from it. Oh stuff for her = more treats for us!

The Florida Furkids

Mickey's Musings said...

We agree with you Sasha.
Mum would have the same reaction as Lynettea to that price.

Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Gattina said...

I love the smell of a cat fur ! The best parfum !

Austin Towers said...

If humans spend so much on buying smells for themselves, why does my human spend so much time with her nose in my furs? Doesn't make any sense! MOL