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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Communication skills

I could hardly believe  my  ears  when  Lynettea told me that we were growing closer in every way and understanding one another better and better each day.
When I was a kitten, I  was  ignorant of the fact that I would need to instruct the human I had been allocated. I would sit around and hope for the best, most of the time.
When I got a bit older, I  began  to  realize  that if  I  needed  practically anything done, I would need to communicate with the human. Sometimes I wonder why I was allocated this particular human and whether, even, it might have to do with sins in one of my previous lives.
As we all know, cats have many lives. Some humans think it is nine, which probably seems a lot to them. The depths  of our vast inherent cat knowledge tell us it is many more than that.
As for communication skills, I have to use a sort of pidgin to communicate with her, mostly gestures.
She has finally begun to learn that if I put my paws up to her, she needs to check my food plate.
Then it is, 'Oh, Sasha  have you eaten all that food already? I only put down fresh an hour ago!' Or some other senseless remark.  Even simple needs like opening windows or switching off the light when I go to bed seem difficult for her to comprehend.


Mickey's Musings said...

Sadly, you are right Sasha.
It does take a long time to train humans to understand us.
They think they are great communicators, but they cannot understand our body language.
Still, they give good scritches so that is something.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

The Florida Furkids said...

Training a human is a full time job.

The Florida Furkids

Hannah and Lucy said...

We've noticed this with our Mum - she is very slow at most things although she does give us wonderful scritches.

Summer at said...

Yep, humans learn best with gestures! They are linguistically challenged.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

The things we have to put up with!!!! ~Bear Cat

Bionic Basil said...

We're still training the P.A. [aka purrsonal assistant] aftur nearly 2 decades! MOL


Basil & Co xox

Melinda Strain said...

I really feel you! Training a human is so much work!!!!!! Good Luck!!!