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Friday, November 18, 2016

A Cat's View of Love

My articles in Lynettea's writers' group anthology were much more popular than hers. I feel a bit sorry for her. She asked me to write something for her to take to her workshop today.
I think Love would be a good topic.
Do humans love? I think their idea of love is different from a cat's view.
Lynettea told me she thinks cats mainly experience 'cupboard love'. I looked that up in Wikipedia and it seems to be about love of food.
Of course it is necessary to instruct your human to provide you with appropriate and nourishing food. So it is necessary to know where the food is kept. Mine is kept in stacks in the laundry.
It is also sensible to remind your human to feed you.
Various methods can be used: tapping your human, miaowing, leading them towards the bowl.
 If this does not work you can employ more drastic methods such as yowling, scratching and slashing, trying to trip the human as they walk around the house. These methods are used as a last resort.

Another kind of love is where your human is stroking or brushing and gently cuddling you. That makes you feel safe and appreciated for all your supervisory efforts. There is a limit to contact, though and the human must be sure to have your permission.

Entertainment: the human who makes efforts to entertain the cat by playing and letting the cat play will be appreciated. I like to check on my human by giving her a head butt and miaow. This keeps her stimulated and alert. Otherwise she may be sucked into the electronic equipment and never return. Keeping your human healthy and engaged is a lot of work, but very important for a cat's well being.

Lynettea tells me that there are other kinds of love that humans feel: altruistic love, such as turning the other cheek if someone injures them. I could hardly believe her when she told me. It is so nonsensical. Why would anyone give someone the opportunity to hurt them further? The best approach is to avoid that person. Some humans return again and again to someone who is causing them harm. To a cat that is not sensible.

Some humans love to order others around because they think they know what is best for them. I am not sure what kind of 'love' that is. I like to order her around, but I do know, from my natural cat superiority, what is best for both of us.

These are some of our cousins. Do we love them?
Lions at Monarto Zoological Park, South Australia


Lone Star Cats said...

Avoiding may be good, but I prefer swatting!

Mickey's Musings said...

We like those descriptions of love.
We have to intervene on mum as she loves being attached to electronic media!
She should be devoted to us!
We are not surprised your article was better ;) MOL!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Summer at said...

My human is my companion, and we are bonded that way.

Caren Gittleman said...


I love how philosophical you are in this post. I think Cody is all about "cupboard love" catchatwithcarenandcody

Sasha said...

I might post some more of my thoughts about 'love', when I can think about the subject some more. So much of my time is spent in trivial activities such as supervising the human. I must spend more time pondering important topics. I like to do that. Lynettea thinks I am asleep.