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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our Skype Conference

Tonight Lynettea and I had a Skype conference with voices of humans from Interstate. Lynettea  is supposed  to  be  helping  with  a  big  website. I tried to join in as best I could, as I could hear the people were confused as to what to do and I have a lot  of  experience  running  my  blog.
They  couldn't  hear  me  very  well.
At one point the developer said to  Lynettea, 'I can't hear you' and she she said it was 'her cat' and he was trying to scratch her when she opened the drawer.
Well, my scratching post is near the computer for obvious reasons. She needs   constant instruction and supervision.
Lynettea  said she had never heard me miaouwing so much.
I did try to give them as much advice as I could.

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