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Monday, November 28, 2016

There was a kitty, but he didn't come out

Lynettea went to a friend's place this morning for morning tea. There was a little week old baby (a very small human, she tells me) and a toddler (a tiny human that can walk around and is very uncertain in behaviour).
The Cat of the House was in hiding, which does not surprise me.
The toddler had been trying to poke the cat in the face and eyes. Not very pleasant. Humans, as you can see, need to start disciplined training early and even then, some of them are never suitable for cats to own. We need to be very selective.
Lynettea said they ate some gourmet French pastries, which I would not have liked. How does she know that?
I like to sniff and tongue test most foods.

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Summer at said...

It's hard training human kittens! I know, because I see them sometimes when I do my therapy visits.