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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

In Hiding

Some very noisy men in bright yellow protective suits blew leaves all along our street this morning. They went up one side and down the other. They blew leaves under the cars to the centre of the road, but also swept a lot of dust into the air and onto the porch of our house.
I know this because Lynettea told me. She said I was very good to be still sitting in my cosy on the lounge under the front window while all of this was going on.
It was very noisy and dusty. Lynettea went outside to pick up the daily paper the Advertiser and was drenched with dust and bits of floating dry leaves. She rushed back in and shut the front door.
After that I had breakfast, my favourite, jelly style Royal Canin premium cat food.
Why is it called Canin when it is for cats?
It should be called Felin or Feline.
After all the excitement, I am now in hiding. Lynettea doesn't know where I am.  I am beaming my thought particles to her to enter on my blog. One of her friends visited this morning. Lynettea had requested me to sit on her friend's lap, as she said the friend had bad news and it would comfort her. But I didn't come out. I can't help people all the time. I need a life of my own.
I am not available for happy camera snaps this morning.

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Summer at said...

I don't know why humans always think cats should do what humans want. I am an agreeable cat, and even I only do what I want to do.