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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Listening to which music?

I am trying to rest in my cosy underbed, while Lynettea selects relaxing music for me on my music service.
I have my own player near my cosy, but not too near.
She tries flute music, then blues, then jazz. Then she types in some names. Medieval, not much there, then some composers.
Nothing satisfies her. I have switched to feline relaxation mode.
The morning passes.
Finally she settles on Chopin. She says her mother played Chopin on the piano.
I am vaguely aware of the nocturne playing. Did Chopin have cats? He should have.
I think I am dreaming. Even the camera flash only captures my back.

1 comment:

Summer at said...

I wish my human listened to some of that music! She only has loud, hard rock records, none of which are appropriate for kitty ears.