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Sunday, December 4, 2016


I haven't been under the bed for five days, as you may have thought, if you read my last post. I have been waiting for the human to let me post. Sometimes I feel powerless.

This morning it rained. The weather forecast said it might rain at lunch time, so Lynettea was not prepared when she saw raindrops beginning to fall when  she went to the  window early in the morning.

 She had to rush out to bring in all my valuable equipment. The holes the hail  made in the suntuf roof are still there and some have grown larger and rain falls through.

The insurance company forgot to tell the person in charge of weather to switch off the rain.

My scratching posts and baskets and rugs are piled up in the laundry and kitchen, which is inconvenient. It is not easy for me to use them in untidy piles.

Has it stopped raining? It is very humid.
I have looked out the window and could not see raindrops, although the path is wet.
Will we go out?

Lynettea says I might not like to get my paws wet.


Summer at said...

I hope the rain goes away soon, Sasha - it sounds like it's caused a lot of disruption for you.

Flynn said...

I hope it stopped raining. I quite like walking in the wet grass. It is very cold here though, and I don't like getting icy pads.