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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thoughts on Travelling

I saw the remarks the fish made on the Blog. They have a limited vision from their watery world and think of me as the Guardian, like a sort of Jedi knight, looking after their interests and watching over them. So they thought I had been sent away for special training.

I had a lot of time in that foreign place for quiet contemplation and reflection on my views in life. At first, I was very nervous among strangers. I could hear other cats who had come for the training, or holiday, or whatever you may like to call it, but I couldn't see any of them.

I had my own private apartment, with sleeping quarters upstairs and the kitchen/dining area below. The attendant was Pam, who the fish tell me was my human litter mother when I was an ignorant tiny kitten. I don't recall her, but she came up and patted me when she delivered my meals. She appeared quite calm and used to looking after the requirements of felines.

On the day of my return, after inspecting the unnecessary changes made to my property, I spent a considerable amount of time in regaining control over Lynettea. It doesn't take long for a human to get a bit uppity and start ordering you around. I sat on her for several hours, which made her more obedient. Of course I mean several hours in total at different intervals.

I ordered her to groom me, as my furs were full of loose fluff. I also told her that I did not appreciate her conduct of the last week. She doesn't take much in, unfortunately, being a fairly typical human and just made remarks like, 'Are you feeling alright, Sasha?' whenever I started to lecture her.

She hadn't even tidied my cosy under the bed, and it wasn't until late in the evening that she managed to sweep out the area. She had washed most of my bedding, so it didn't smell quite right. I have a lot of beds. She says it is, 'too many beds for the one cat!'


meowmeowmans said...

What would Lynettea do without you, Sasha? You were only away a few days, and already things went a little crazy there. Thank Cod you are home!

Summer at said...

You are going to have to work hard to get your human trained again!

Jessi Lashakmitis said...

Thank god you came home, dear Sasha!!! Nothing can't be the same without you!!!