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Monday, December 26, 2016

Thunder weather

After a hot and dry Christmas, we now have tropical weather.
I feel lethargic except when I am alerted by a sound. Maybe it is the toes of the turtledoves clicking across the pergola roof?
We had thunder when the rain came over and all my play equipment had to come inside again, as the roof is still full of hail holes.


Summer at said...

Sounds like a mess!

Sasha said...

The insurance company assessor said they had a lot of roofs to repair. Perhaps because it belonged to a cat he thought it was not a significant roof.

Marg said...

Well that is too bad about the hail holes. You sure are a handsome boy Diamond. Hope your day is better today.

Brian said...

Dang, roof problems are no fun and neither is the noise when they are getting fixed!

Marie Symeou said...

The weather can be so nasty sometimes.

Stay safe!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie

Mickey's Musings said...

While we are not big fans of thunder we hope clears the air for you so it is not so hot and sticky.
That insurance man was wrong.
Surely he understands that we cats do not like to get wet !

Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ