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Sunday, January 29, 2017


It is 36C still at 8 pm. I don't think I can take Lynettea for her walkies in this heat. She wants to lurk inside in the air conditioning.  I am spreading out across one of my resting places.  It is too hot to curl up.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cats as Clever as Dogs

Lynettea found this article in the newspaper and showed it to me.
I wondered about her intelligence. Does she think don't know?
Cats are much more sophisticated than dogs. They know much better how to train and manipulate their human.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sleep In

Sunday. On the weekend I sometimes sleep in. Everything is a bit slower.
My summer bed is a folded eiderdown, with a wool stuffed cat futon on top and a sheet over all. I can stretch out on it, instead of having to curl up tight in my cosy. So it is cooler for me in the hot weather.
I have the front window open at night because there is an insect screen with solid metal bars, so it is safe.
Of course I spend quite a lot of time guarding the house at night. A striped cat has been coming into the garden and I have to rush from window to window to warn it off.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


I assume my proper position. Will she try to move me? She is approaching with the rug.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Natural Place to Relax

At last I am at the end of the bed. Lynettea made me spring off early in the morning when I tried to get on. At least, I was on the bed and she woke up and shrieked and I ran out. Then she shut the door and I had to stay outside. Later she opened the door and I sneaked back on top very quietly. Then she let me stay there.
So I am here still. She needs to learn so much about our relative positions in the house.
I don't need to be taken for too short a walk and brought in suddenly because she wants to go out, or splashed on, or shouted at.  I need to be cherished. I can see this is an ongoing problem.

Sasha the Slasher

After it got cooler, I sat on my high up carpet lined tray near the back door. When Lynettea came outside to see if it was cool, I slashed at her arm with my claw.
She was surprised. Cats are very unpredictable. We like it that way.

Monday, January 16, 2017

My calendar gift arrives

The postman brought my gift on the day it rained heavily. Instead of shoving it in the letterbox, he rang the doorbell.
I was hiding in the wardrobe and was unable to answer, as the wardrobe door was shut. Lynettea found me there when she wanted to thank me.
Fortunately the calendar was dry, as it had been wrapped in plastic, although the end of the parcel was damp.
'Oh, thank you, Sasha,' said Lynettea. And she put my calendar on the printer, so we could both see it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why sitting on your human is good

A cat should sit on his human every day.
The reasons for this? Firstly, it helps socialize the human. Humans, you may have noticed, like to stare at a cat. This is very rude and should not be permitted. Slowly blink your eyes and encourage her to do the same. Gradually she will learn polite cat behaviour.
While you sit on the human, she is unable to move.  Preferably she should concentrate totally on the cat during this activity.
It is a good time for her to engage in a soft grooming activity such as stroking or brushing. The more loose fur she can remove, the less remains to cause furballs.
Sitting on your human has a beneficial calming  psychological effect for the human too.
Tame your human by draping over her. I am so big that only the front parts of me can fit on my human's lap, so I rest comfortably on the couch and place my front paws on her.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Planet Earth 2

We just watched the trailer together for BBC Planet Earth 2.  I wonder when I can see it on TV?
I like Nature shows.
Lynettea was watching a show about Japan tonight and she had my moon bear watching it with her. I gave moon bear a good jab and seizing him with my teeth I threw him to the floor.
I think she should only watch with me. I climbed on her a bit after that.
We will definitely watch Planet Earth 2 together when it comes to TV.

The fish put a link from their blog to the trailer. They grumbled as usual. They are lucky I take notice of them, but I suppose I have to look out for them a little bit.

More rain through the hail holes

Wake up Allianze Insurance Company! Hail from the skies punched holes in my enclosure roof on 11 November and they are still there more than two months later!
Lynettea is ringing the building estimator, as the insurance company case manager does not answer her calls. The building estimator tells her that they submitted their estimate on 19 December and are waiting to hear.
Lynettea rings the general Allianze number, but they are all assisting other more interesting customers. They tell her they will return her call sometime in an hour or so if she presses 1. She is wondering about that.
So she stays on line.
'Please keep holding,' says the man's voice. 'Your patience is appreciated.'
 He doesn't know that Lynettea is not at all patient.
She wants my hail holes mended.
At least the pipes are no longer banging, but my window sash is broken now. I can't sit and look out the kitchen window for at least a week, until it can be mended.
Lynettea says, 'Where are you, Sasha? Are you under the bed, Sasha.'
It is very quiet. Just dripping rain and occasionally a man's voice saying, 'Thanks for your patience ...'

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hot Turtledove

This dove is sitting in our cast iron bird bath in the heat. Biggify to see properly. At least her or his tail feathers are cool.  A sparrow also flew in and out while the dove continues to sit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A lot of racket

Lynettea ran the kitchen tap and got all the pipes to bang loudly, as she knew the plumber would finally be coming. They banged for 10 minutes, then stopped. I went into the bedroom again and lay on my daybed. She knew I didn't like the noise, but took no notice. Before the plumber came, the pipes suddenly stopped banging, which showed it was not a good idea.
My ears felt better.
Then I heard the gate click and went under the bed. The plumber is here. Lynettea shut the bedroom door so I would feel safe.
I can hear him tramping through the house. All the pipes started banging again, but he got them to stop and he is working.
I wonder how much longer I will have to stay here.
Maybe I will stay underbed anyway now and fall asleep . . .
But I don't think I feel at ease with a stranger in the house.


Sasha (me) looking exceptionally magnificent on his mock wolf throw. He regularly subdues his rug by stretching out on the top of it. It is Wednesday and the noisy garbage truck is passing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


A time for quiet reflection while grooming in the early morning.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Supervising or Waiting?

I am perched on my place overlooking the computer, where I am patiently looking at what Lynettea is doing. She has just designed a web banner for a site she is administering and put the comments on my blog for me.
It is nice to be close together.
We have been out for walkies and the fish and I have had our dinners. It is time for her to look after herself.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thoughts for the new year

It has taken a while for me to work up to any thoughts, this year.
So many events that just required my instinctive feline reactions . . .
Now the intense heat has abated, I am pondering and resting. Sleep ... think ... dream ... act.
Soon it will be time to jangle my nearby windchimes as a signal for Lynettea to get my meal ready, or to get out her halter for her walkies. But I must think first, about the future, or can that wait until tomorrow?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day of Drama

After Lynettea's friends left I heard a terrible noise coming out of the back wall of the house. I went rushing in and Lynettea went rushing out.
It was really loud and scary. It went on and on. Lynettea thought it might be pipes, so she phoned the plumber. The girl who answered said the plumber would ring, so we waited. I felt scared too. After a while, when no one rang, Lynettea went outside and said she could smell smoke.
She was really worried.
Then she turned on the laundry taps and after a while the terrible noise stopped.
Then the plumber rang.
After he heard Lynettea's story of how scared she was, but the noise had stopped, he made an appointment to come on Monday to look at it. He said it was not dangerous and the smoke scent was coincidence.
Now we are wondering where the fire is.
It is nice now everything is quiet again.

Our 1001 post

Last post was our 1000th post. I only just noticed. I am worn out with the heat and as you can see, I am sprawled outside on the paving under the chairs.  Is it 41C yet? That is the forecast.
'Come inside Sasha.'
This is Lynettea. I can hear her voice. But will I take notice?

My hot weather bed

It is too hot to sleep curled up in my cosy. This is more comfortable.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Preparing for the heat

I woke Lynettea at 6 am. MIAOUW.
She reluctantly got out of bed.
'What is wrong, Sasha? It is hot. You don't look too good.'
I let my legs collapse and flung myself at full stretch on the wood floor.
Then I make some small, feeble meows.
Meow meooow meeeeow.
Lynettea rushes to close all windows and puts on the cool breeze.
I can feel it drifting over me, stirring my furs gently. The temperature is dropping. I am invigorated. I spring to my feet and dash down the corridor, leap on the front windowsill and make the venetian blinds rattle. Crash! Rattle! I spring off and bolt up and down the corridor.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Too hot

It is getting too hot. Some of Lynettea's new plants are shrivelling up. Her lettuce have wilted leaves. That is, her new lettuce are wilted and her red lettuce, which are a bit older, are fine. I could have told her it wasn't a good idea to plant more just now, but I didn't.
I stayed outside most of the day in my enclosure and she lurked inside the house in the airconditioning.
At twilight we had a nice walkies and I let her join me playing with some of my toys outside.
Then we sat together on my artificial grass while I let her stroke my furs for a short while.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


And when will you be ready to go out?
I know it is hot still at 6:50 pm, but I want to go now. NOW NOW MIAOUW.
I know you don't like me jumping in the sink.
Calm down, Sasha.  After I eat we will see about taking you out. Eat your own delicious premium selection of moist and dry catfood.
I am going out into my outside area. I expect you to be ready for your walkies soon. MIAOUW.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My calendar

Here is the first page of my calendar. You will need to click on it to biggify.
I can hardly wait for it to arrive.
When I open the door for the postman, he will have a special parcel for me.
Lynettea will probably have to unwrap it, because I don't want to damage it by using my claws or teeth.
I will tell her to be extremely careful, as I don't want my hard work to be destroyed.

She needs constant discipline

First working day after the New Year Holidays and it is back to the round of disruptive house maintenance.
I had to spring from my cosy on the lounge and shelter underbed in my cosy there while a noisy carpenter tried to fix up the damage the last people had done.
He had to plane back the wood beside the kitchen door so the door would fit again.
The tiling people had managed to make it bulge out and then denied doing anything.
It was inconvenient for me, as I was getting shut away from my food whenever Lynettea went into the garden.
After checking the completed work, I insisted that we went out, so I could check the fence line. This is very important and I need to do it daily.
When we came back in, Lynettea was clumsy in unbuckling my halter while I was lying down on it.
So I bit her. Only softly.
She needs further training.

Monday, January 2, 2017

My secret gift

I spent most of the day working on my secret New Year gift to Lynettea. It is a bit late, but I have been busy.
It is a calendar for 2017, with positive messages for her, combined with magificent portraits of me engaged in my usual activities.  I have included a reminder of my birthday in February so she won't forget it.
The website I use has some new features and I found lots of encouraging remarks to include. It is important to ensure your human is in a positive frame of mind. If she starts to fall into gloomy speculations, she might forget to feed me or even go out walkies with me.
Now I have to check when it arrives in the post.
Lynettea will be surprised that I am so thoughtful.
Especially as she didn't have a New Year gift for ME.

Sunday, January 1, 2017