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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A lot of racket

Lynettea ran the kitchen tap and got all the pipes to bang loudly, as she knew the plumber would finally be coming. They banged for 10 minutes, then stopped. I went into the bedroom again and lay on my daybed. She knew I didn't like the noise, but took no notice. Before the plumber came, the pipes suddenly stopped banging, which showed it was not a good idea.
My ears felt better.
Then I heard the gate click and went under the bed. The plumber is here. Lynettea shut the bedroom door so I would feel safe.
I can hear him tramping through the house. All the pipes started banging again, but he got them to stop and he is working.
I wonder how much longer I will have to stay here.
Maybe I will stay underbed anyway now and fall asleep . . .
But I don't think I feel at ease with a stranger in the house.


Katie Isabella said...

I know the One Who Came Before, Admiral, the Tortie who caused mom to find me after she went to the Bridge always hid n matter who came into the house except my mom and mine and her favorite brother.

Summer at said...

I hope he's gone soon!

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh, noisy strangers.... Never fun in the house.