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Friday, January 13, 2017

More rain through the hail holes

Wake up Allianze Insurance Company! Hail from the skies punched holes in my enclosure roof on 11 November and they are still there more than two months later!
Lynettea is ringing the building estimator, as the insurance company case manager does not answer her calls. The building estimator tells her that they submitted their estimate on 19 December and are waiting to hear.
Lynettea rings the general Allianze number, but they are all assisting other more interesting customers. They tell her they will return her call sometime in an hour or so if she presses 1. She is wondering about that.
So she stays on line.
'Please keep holding,' says the man's voice. 'Your patience is appreciated.'
 He doesn't know that Lynettea is not at all patient.
She wants my hail holes mended.
At least the pipes are no longer banging, but my window sash is broken now. I can't sit and look out the kitchen window for at least a week, until it can be mended.
Lynettea says, 'Where are you, Sasha? Are you under the bed, Sasha.'
It is very quiet. Just dripping rain and occasionally a man's voice saying, 'Thanks for your patience ...'


Summer at said...

It sounds like something is always falling apart at your house, Sasha.

Sasha said...

Yes. It is all old and falling apart. Built in 1879.

Gail Hennesy said...

Insurance companies seem to move exceedingly slowly and maybe this tine of year the wheels are even slower Sasha. You will have to smooth things.

Sasha said...

Lynettea has just received an email saying they have approved the claim. This was after her complaints this morning. All my things are inside, because of the rain.