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Friday, January 13, 2017

Planet Earth 2

We just watched the trailer together for BBC Planet Earth 2.  I wonder when I can see it on TV?
I like Nature shows.
Lynettea was watching a show about Japan tonight and she had my moon bear watching it with her. I gave moon bear a good jab and seizing him with my teeth I threw him to the floor.
I think she should only watch with me. I climbed on her a bit after that.
We will definitely watch Planet Earth 2 together when it comes to TV.

The fish put a link from their blog to the trailer. They grumbled as usual. They are lucky I take notice of them, but I suppose I have to look out for them a little bit.


Austin Towers said...

Planet Earth2 is most certainly worth the wait!!

Summer at said...

There are a lot of good shows on TV - but I can't seem to get my human to turn them on.