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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Too hot

It is getting too hot. Some of Lynettea's new plants are shrivelling up. Her lettuce have wilted leaves. That is, her new lettuce are wilted and her red lettuce, which are a bit older, are fine. I could have told her it wasn't a good idea to plant more just now, but I didn't.
I stayed outside most of the day in my enclosure and she lurked inside the house in the airconditioning.
At twilight we had a nice walkies and I let her join me playing with some of my toys outside.
Then we sat together on my artificial grass while I let her stroke my furs for a short while.


Summer at said...

Wow, you guys are having a huge heat wave! And we are getting rain up here in Southern California, after years of drought.

Sasha said...

Hi Summer. We are glad you are getting rain at last. We had the monsoon come down from northern Australia just after Christmas. The monsoon does not usually sweep this far south. There was a lot of rain .. heaps of rain and wind. A lot of places in the Hills area to the east of Adelaide had no power for up to 5 days after the storms knocked over trees, which fell on the power lines.