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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thanks for coming to my Birthday Party

Lynettea says I should put a special post to thank all the kitties who came to my Fourth Birthday Party.


She said it was a little difficult to cope with the numbers of cats that arrived, and we could not have managed if they had not been virtual visitors. I am not sure what virtual visitors means. I did not count them, but Lynettea tells me that a total of 547 virtual kitties were running through the house during the day and evening.
I took some of them on a rat hunt down the side of the house. Lynettea had a bunch of party style decorated halters, but she found it difficult to follow us, especially when I led them under the crab-apple tree and into the Westringia bushes. I am not allowed to go there, because Lynettea says she can't crouch down far enough, but as it was a party, she allowed us to have elastic extension leads, so we could go farther than usual.
But we were not allowed to catch any rats, even though we could smell the creatures on the ground and on the fence palings. I was also told not to bring back any lizard tails, moths, butterflies, grasshoppers etc etc. But everyone enjoyed sniffing for them.
After that we went under the grape vine and played in my catnip plantation. I don't bother with the scent, but many of the kitties found it VERY EXCITING.

Then a few of us (around fifty) went up and down the street outside my place trying to attract the attention of neighbours. But no-one took any notice of us.  We sniffed at the tyres and the bushes and the water tank next door and ran around the Stobie pole (which carries the electricity down the street), getting all the leads tangled. It was exciting. I felt that if the dog further down the street had come out, it would not have barked, but rushed straight inside again.

Then we went in and joined more cats who had appeared and ate heaps and heaps of virtual food of many varieties. Some of the cats were allowed to sit in the sink with me, as it was my birthday.

After we had eaten all the foods, we went outside and played together with my various play equipment for cats. Some of the kitties went into the loungeroom and played hideys in my cat tunnels.

When everyone went back home it all seemed very quiet again.

Lynettea bought me a new massage brush and she said she will try it out on me today. I am not sure if I am looking forward to that.


Summer at said...

It was an awesome party!

Lone Star Cats said...

Rat hunts are da best.

Gattina said...

A very successful birthday party ! BTW a happy belayed birthday !

Mickey's Musings said...

It was a pawsome party Sasha!
We had lots of fun and are sleeping it off today ;)
One more thing handsome...
Happy Valentine's Day !
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood...we R glad yur partee waz a mega huge success !!! may bee sum ratz will stop bye two day coz itz heartz day oh love; purrhapz de pond fish will send em !!! what cha think ♥♥♥

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

That was a great party!

Caren Gittleman said...

great pawty! So happy you had a pawtastic birthday!! catchatwithcarenandcody