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Sunday, May 28, 2017

strange position

'How come you are sleeping like that, Sasha? Is it comfortable?'
'I am allowed to sleep in on Sundays'
'Sasha, you sleep in on most days!'
'Well, we are on the cusp of winter and it is raining. What else am I supposed to do? Eat?'

Saturday, May 27, 2017

autumn sunshine

Streaming through the window: autumn sunshine.
Lying on the bed: sleeping cat.
Lynettea: 'Sasha why don't you go into your sunny enclosure, or take me out for my walkies?'
Sasha: Silence. Eyes shut.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pond Fish Video

It is a bit cold and rainy and I am inside in my cosy on the lounge. Lynettea took a little video with her phone of the Pond Fish I supervise, just after they ate their breakfast. I said I would put a link to it on my blog, as they do not have many friends.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My reflections on yesterday's trip

I have made some points to Lynettea about what happened yesterday, and I expect her to take notice.
1. She is far too domineering. She thinks she can organize me as she wishes. I am a male kitty and not used to being in second place.
2. I felt humiliated at being pushed and shoved around and having people speak over my head as if I was not there. The Vet spoke to Lynettea and concentrated on pushing me around on the table.
3. It was easy for the Vet to shove me around on the table, as I went rigid and was able to be spun around from back to front as he wished, without a struggle. I may not be as compliant next time.
4. My body may not have been hurt, but my ego was bruised. I will take some time to get over this humiliating treatment.
5. I stayed outside all afternoon and evening as a punishment to Lynettea. Normally I would have come in and snuggled in my cosy, or played with my toys in the lounge room, or rushed up and down the hall and done a spot of sink jumping. So she missed out on some positive interaction.
6. I need several weeks notice of any disruption to my routine.
7. The neighbour from next door is forbidden to enter the house again, on pain of my severe displeasure.

Monday, May 15, 2017

What a Magnificent Cat I Am

My veterinary surgeon, Andrew, was very pleased to see me again. He weighed me and gave me a very thorough physical examination. I am 4.9 kilos. My legs are working fine. They did not need to have their extension stretched.  They are very extendible already without interference. The needle for my vaccinations was pricky when it was stabbed into me. But I didn't complain. The worm tablet was not well flavoured. And I prefer my nails long so I can hunt better.
But I suffered all this without complaint. Andrew said to Lynettea that I was very well behaved.
Afterwards we came home in a Uber car, so we were not stuck in the waiting room for hours.
But now I need some stress free time in the warm sunshine.

where are we now?


Everything is quiet. We are waiting for something. Lynettea's neighbour, Orla's mother, went home after helping Lynettea imprison me in this cage.  I feel something may be about to happen, but I am crouched here in the dark, waiting.


No one notified me of a trip.
I don't like it in here. 
Where are we going?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Treat

I was allowed to stay on the bed this morning for a while, as Lynettea said she was busy. I think she is going to toss me off now. Maybe we can go for a walk in the sunshine.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Time to Go

Now. Time to go is Now.

not right now but maybe soon?

If she is good I might take her out. Not right now.
Maybe soon.
After I come down I will wap her around the legs a bit, for going out and leaving me here.
The sunshine looks nice.
Are you ready?
You are busy now typing notes into my bloggie?
Desist, I say! Take me out at once!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sleeping In

Now the weather is cooler, I find it difficult to get up early.
Lynettea opened the blinds and switched on the computer.
Eleven o'clock already? Just time for a second nap.
No, I don't intend to sleep my life away. Why ever would you think that? You can make the post for me. I need to conserve energy.

Why would you need to conserve your energy. You have been sleeping all night while I kept my ears open for intruders. It is hardly fair to expect me to keep watch all day, as well.

 No I don't want a fur brush right now, at this minute. And I don't want cuddlie, or a walk, or a photo.
Leave me in peace.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


The clouds have gone and I have climbed onto a chair to soak up some sunshine.
 We went out earlier to give Lynettea her walkies under my supervision.
When I jumped on the red-lidded wheelie bin to get some warmth, she started pushing it along the path to put it back behind the gate. Perhaps she is training me to be a Bob the Cat character, I thought.
It was too slippery when she tilted it and I sprang off.
 Then she thought we would go into the street again. Sorry, she needs to behave better if I am to take her out with me. We went back up the path and I took her in.

Monday, May 1, 2017

locked in

I went underbed when the air conditioning system was being serviced this afternoon and Lynettea shut the door so I would not be disturbed. Then she forgot I was there.
When I got out of the bedroom it was dark.
Here I am eating my dinner. End of a long day.