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Saturday, June 24, 2017

I am using my velvet house

After all the fuss about giving away my things, I decided to use my velvet house after all. Lynettea says there will be no room for anyone else to sit on the lounge, as my other cosy is at the opposite end.
But what is the problem with that?

Friday, June 23, 2017

My things should not be given away

Today we had a visitor. One of Lynettea's friends came to see us. The friend had a kitty who is now by herself, as her other kitty passed on. Lynettea offered the kitty one of my cosies, a velvet house that I only used once, long ago. She thought it might make the lonely kitty feel warm and safe.
But I thought not.
Although I had not even seen my velvet house for a long time, because it was hidden away at the top of a cupboard, I decided to keep it.
I sprang inside and curled up for a long stay.
So the friend decided not to take it after all.
Am I selfish?
Lynettea said it is okay, as her friend can afford to buy another cosy if she wants. But she thinks I won't keep on using my velvet house, so it is a waste.
But the other kitty might not like to use it either.
We kitties make up our own minds and we like to change them too.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I am a movie star. Even the fish want to feature me on their website. I have my special place called "furry friends". Here is my latest YouTube video, tiled " Sasha grooms his tail".
It is very educational.

Sasha Grooming his Tail: guest post on Princess Aurora PondFish

Here is the video on YouTube

Lynettea said she thinks it is funny.
It is a serious business, grooming. That sort of comment just shows how far humans need to go in understanding feline etiquette.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I can't believe it is the weekend already.
I haven't had time to get used to it yet. Hopefully I can get up late without news of further disasters.
We must have a conference about not watching any news for a week.
What is that? The morning newspaper?
Give me a break!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Still in Trouble

We still aren't getting on all that well.
Part of my duty is food tasting  and quality control.
Lynettea doesn't like me doing that. When I took the  tiniest lick of her soy carob drink, she chased me up the hallway.
I am seriously thinking of advertising for new staff. This is beyond a joke.
This is my 1111th post.

Wet Furs

Don't ask me. First it is a grumpy day and then being shouted at for sink jumping this morning and now a case of having to lick the furs dry.
When Lynettea went outside a short while ago, she found one of the pot plants on the bottom of the pond, rather than on its slate shelf.  A trail of water splashes led from the pond to the back door. I have been sitting on the kitchen floor, licking my furs.
A mystery. My tail furs are the wettest part.
Lynettea tried to dry the wettest furs with a paw print design microfibre cloth. She said it is especially for me, although I haven't used it before.
My tail doesn't appreciate too much vigorous drying, so I rushed out through the cat flap.
I think the fish may have been surprised that I joined them in the pond, as they know I do not like getting wet. But they didn't say anything.
I have gone back to my viewing platform now and Lynettea said I am looking very dignified.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sasha listening to the Blues

My video of me listening to music. It is on YouTube. I hope it works. We are still very grumpy here.

Sasha listens to the blues

Sasha Grooming


I don't like being called Sasha the Slasher. But she needs discipline.
Patting me one day and leaving me the next day is not good enough.
I gave her head a biff with my open paw as she walked past the bookshelf, ignoring me. That made her jump! She screeched that she didn't want claws in her scalp.
In that case, why leave me all day?
I haven't been for a walk in two days and my furs have not been massaged or brushed for two days.
 And what about huggies? 
Why are you busy and where were you?
Your place is at home looking after me.

Monday, June 12, 2017

More about my bedroom

My bedroom is more like my studio apartment, as it also has my workstation and the TV viewing area. Of course I have a separate area for eating and a toiletry area elsewhere in the house. Then there is my outdoor rumpus room, where I keep my fish.
But my bedroom is a special area. I spend the morning lying in when it is cold and I also have my fur groomed here.
Lynettea is supposed to sit here for a while at night watching TV, so she can hug me and we can keep warm together. But sometimes she does something else. I don't like that. I have to keep reminding her that it is my TV time. I reach up to her and miaouw and tap her shoulder.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

my untidy bedroom

My bedroom is full of things to play with and three beds. My beds are my cosy on the lounge, my igloo and my summer bed on the floor. I also have two tunnels, my bear chair and my scout paper bag. I love jumping on the bag, as it makes a crackling sound. Another short tunnel also makes a crackling sound when I run into it. That tunnel is a good ambush tunnel.
Some of the bears have jumped onto the floor to play with me. After playing hunt the ball last evening, many of my toys are scattered or in hiding.
I think I will stay in my cosy for a while, although Lynettea has got up. It is a cold morning.

Friday, June 9, 2017

What was in the Box?

When Lynettea opened the delivery carton, I found three boxes of my special premium jelly style food and one box of my premium gravy style food.
After Lynettea unpacked them for me, I had a game chasing my woolly ball in the carton and Lynettea shot a video of me practicing short leaps from the carton.
Now we have a YouTube account, the fish and I wish to take advantage of it.
We are not sure if this works, but will try.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

getting ready to blog

I prepare myself first by making sure I am perfectly groomed.
Then I scan the room and reflect on what I wish to convey in my post. The human also needs to be ready.
Since this is for Hug Your Cat Day, I note that Lynettea hugs me every day and often I give her a hug too, as I think she needs it. I like to sit on her knees and stretch my body up hers. I am so tall that I reach her chin. I put my paws up to her shoulders and site there while she gives me my usual massage brush going over. This is often accompanied by hugging and followed by a baby brush grooming.

This is a Hug Your Cat Day blog hop. I got the linky from Athena Cat Goddess

A note on the Dove Murder

Lynettea told me she heard a jingling when she went outside this morning and a scrambling noise as if a cat was leaving over the fence. So she thinks a stranger cat must have come in and murdered the dove.
I could have told her that another cat was visiting, as I have been charging around looking out the windows and my enclosure at night for some time. She might have listened to me, but humans always think they know best, I find.
So she thinks it would have been the turtledove that grew up in a nest in our grapevine several years ago and stayed around the place. She has no evidence for this theory.
Anyway I suppose we could have a period of mourning, as she says. Except it should not prevent us doing everything I like to do. I prefer to think of it as a period of celebration of the dove's happy life loitering around here.

Monday, June 5, 2017

On Patrol

A few days ago, I found a prey. Lynettea dragged me away from the spot, as usual. She thought it must be a lizard and for some reason she loves lizards and does not like me carrying them around gently in my mouth or dabbing my paws at their tails when they fall off.
Lizards have very loose tails that fall off at the least little thing. They can fall off just by my looking at the lizard.
Anyway this was not a lizard. Lynettea made me go inside. She picked me up in a very undignified fashion. I did my best to alert her by wriggling all my limbs, but we went inside anyway.
The next day when I took her out, we headed straight for the same spot and I started sniffing and probing at the edge of the wheelie bin. I knew I had to alert her. She started pulling me away again and saying, 'No lizards, Sasha,' in that annoyed, sharp tone she adopts.
Then she decided to pull out the bin.
What a shock.
A dead oriental turtledove was lying underneath. We wondered how it had got there. Lynettea said she had not run it over with the bin, so we didn't know. I was made to go inside again and when I came out next, the dove had vanished.
I sniffed around there for a few days when I came out, hoping it would come back.
Just as well I am careful in my Patrol Duties.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

my scouting bag

I sit here and think of my future life as a scout. Lynettea has not bought me my special equipment yet. Scout cat rucksack is my first requirement. In it I will put my water bottle and hunting equipment and a woolly rug to keep me cosy at night. I need a cat scout tent for comfort when it is cold and rainy, and my food bowls.
Lynettea asked me who was going to carry all this. I hadn't thought of that.
I wonder if she could carry it for me.