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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

teaching her a lesson

Who is the master of the house? Miaow? Sasha is the Master of the House. Obey me!

I am beginning to have my doubts as to how well she understands my wants.

If she understood me, she would obey instantly.

Standing behind her chair, after I have issued my instructions as loudly as I can -  because everyone knows that you need to shout if someone does not understand what you are saying, I am forced to take physical action. Perhaps that will work. Claws extended and on hind paws. Slash.

Not a good reaction. Instead of doing what I request, she has shut me out of the kitchen. Miaow. Miaow. Miaowwwww!!!!

I may as well go outside and see if any prey has come into my enclosure. It is still mild outside even though it is dark. But I want to go inside. Why am I out here? It is my house.

Creak Creak the door opens. I dash in. Food! Light! Obedient Slave! I feel like Aladdin.

'Would you like a nice massage, Sasha?'

Well, I might consider letting you brush my soft furs, if you are very very good.


Summer at said...

I think your human is having a hard time understanding who is in charge at your house, Sasha.

Sasha said...

Yes Summer. She keeps trying to order me around. She doesn't seem to get the picture at all. Even though she fails to make me do what she wants, she does not seem to understand her role and keeps persisting.

The Whiskeratti said...

Ah hoomins. Training them is incredibly difficult but we persevere.