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Saturday, December 16, 2017

A New Fad

After disturbing me around midday by taking more photos, Lynettea decided I needed de-stressing.
'What about a nice massage, Sasha! Come up on my lap. I'll sit on the lounge.'
I like a cuddlie, so up I sprang. First of all a thorough brush with the massage brush and then the baby brush. Still a lot of furs coming out. Is she going to knit a sweater with them?
'Just rest there, Sasha. Put your little head on my arm. That's it! Relax. Relax. Clear your mind of all your worries.'
She has been staring at me constantly, although by now she must know this is rude.
She remembers and blinks slowly at me. I blink back and then close my eyes gently.
'Relax, Sasha. Let your thoughts drift ... drift. Outwards. You have no worries.'
Strokes my forehead from my elegant nose to the area between my ears. Stroke, stroke. My eyes are shut.
'Are you asleep, Sasha? Just relax, relax.'
At last the session is over. She looks much more relaxed. I ease myself up. I suppose I will be expected to give relaxation therapy all the time now.


Summer at said...

I think your human thought that relaxation was for you... humans are silly like that.

Sasha said...

And now she keeps pushing me off when I put my pawsies up to her knee and miaouw. That is not relaxing for me. Now I am sitting staring at her.

Katie Isabella said...

Sasha, how wonderful to meet you. You re so beautiful and kind to your mom.

Suzanne Dunaway said...

Well, we DO seem to be the massage therapists around here, not to mention the keep the legs warm at night therapist and the cuddle me now so that you'll feel better therapist and the bat your eyes and purr like an engine so I'll know you're happy therapist. We wear so many hats!!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

It sounds like you did a very good job at getting Lynettea to relax.

meowmeowmans said...

Well done, Sasha. Lynettea surely will be wanting more relaxation therapy from you!

Karen Jo said...

I think that relaxation therapy worked on both of you. Good job!