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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

wild night

I was up very early. Lynettea came out of the bedroom, where I am not allowed to sleep, to find me miauwing in the hall at 6 am.
'What is wrong, Sasha?' she asked. 'I have left your food out and your window is open.'
She didn't bother to properly check things and went back into the bedroom, shutting the door in my face before I could rush in.
Later this morning she found the curtain rod lying over my bed. No wonder I was upset!
'Are you okay, Sasha?' Pat, pat, kiss, kiss, rubbing top of head, concerned tone in the voice.
Why didn't she think of this before?
Then it was, 'I wonder how that curtain rod fell down? The wind? No that's not possible.  A cat climbing up the Venetian blinds? How could he do that? A cat leaping on the pelmet from the shelves and pawing at it?'
I guess she will never know. I am now having MY sleep in.
p.s. Bear got a bit uppity, so I threw him on the floor.


Sasha said...

I apologize, Sasha. The books on the top bookshelf haven't been disturbed and you would have damaged the blinds scrambling up tjem. So you can't have made the curtain rod fall. What a blessing it didn't stab you, my precious cat.

Summer at said...

Ha, trying to blame you, Sasha - that is so typically human!

Tamago said...

Wow I wonder how the curtain rod fell!
Glad you are OK, Sasha :-)

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh my, we're so glad that thing didn't clunk you on the way down.