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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

healing breath

Today I am blowing the healing breath in her ears.
'My little friend,' she says.
She went out to her class, although I advised her to stay home where I could supervise her.
Now she is back and sitting down after her walk.
I might need a few crunchies on my plate. CRUNCH CRUNCH I am eating up the few left.
What next?

Monday, June 4, 2018

My healing paws

My healing paws seem to have worked. I gave Lynettea several extra treatments. She said I was a lovely cuddly kitty. I think she is getting better. She even did some work on the computer. I am outside enjoying a bit of sunshine. Maybe she will let me take her for a bit of a walkies? The sunshine would do her good, even if it is cold.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

I am okay

I am busy looking after Lynettea who has a bad cold. I put the healing paws on her today. This was comforting for her, but then she coughed so much when I jumped off that I wondered if she would be okay. I am eating my foods again. But not as many. She needs to keep warm.
And we are sorry for the worries we caused. Lynettea washed the floor with plain water several times in case the Eucalyptus had made me I'll.

Monday, May 28, 2018

I haven't eaten my evening meal

I haven't eaten my evening meal and threw up. Has the eucalyptus cleaner affected me?
Now Lynettea is getting really worried.
 I am going outside to sleep in my cane igloo. I hope I am going to be okay.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Helping your Pawrent

Today I'm helping Lynettea with floor cleaning. She thinks it's a game and laughs when I try to guide the mop away from the chair legs.
'Thank you, Sasha, for helping me!' she says.
The mop spreads Eucalyptus floor cleaner over my laundry floor. It smells like a forest.
Now the vacuum cleaner will vacuum my mock grass in the lounge-room.
I'm getting a bit bored now. After we finish I might take her for walkies, if she is good.
'Sasha,' she says, 'I see you have your meow back in working order after a quiet week with that bucket on your head!'
Whatever can she mean? I was just having a bit of a chat.
But it looks nice outside!

Thursday, May 24, 2018


After all these days of mooching around with a bucket on my head, I am now free again.
This morning Lynettea inspected my ear and the wound was gone.  She unbuckled the strap and prised the plastic contraption off.
I had almost got used to slouching down the hall and trying to hunt with the wretched thing.
My food was delivered this morning.
Here I am playing with bear on the remnants of the carton.
Lynette keeps telling me off for rushing up and down leaping, meowing and rattling the blinds in a very raucous fashion.  So I am now sitting quietly grooming while I dictate.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

What can I do?

Maybe we can watch TV together if SHE switches it on. I am not sure if I can get in my tunnel. I might get trapped in there. Maybe I could EAT if SHE put some food down.
I have to eat off my flat plates and use my litter without its cover. Very uncivilized.  But my flat plates are stoneware not plastic, so not too bad.
Lets watch some upmarket or exotic programs with hints for cats, or a suitable film of my choice.
What about 'Born Free'?

Woe is Me

I was trying to send my GPS position with my last post when the Vet came out and snatched me. Too late for any rescue attempt.
I decided to appear very compliant and squatted on the examination bench, although it was freezing cold. Why don't they heat these things. Yet another torture instrument.
 After being felt all over in the usual intrusive manner, I was weighed on the scales in the hall.
Fortunately no dogs were in the hall, although straight after that the Vet had to leave me and rush out to see to a dog that had swallowed a sponge in the dreaded back room. What were they doing to it? I dare not think.
I forgot to mention that I have a scrape in my ear and have been working at it with my claws. So after my vaccinations, the Vet jabbed extra needles in me, hacked off my claws and put the bucket on my head.
One good thing, he told Lynettea that my weight was fine and I could continue eating as much as I wanted.
But now I can only go out into my enclosure on the lead, because she is scared of me falling off the walkway with the bucket on. And what about my grooming?


where am i in the dark

i am in the cage help

something is up

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

cat flap

She has been fiddling around with the cat flap, testing what position it opens and shuts.
Probably nothing to worry about.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Butterfly Visitor

It's after dark and the door is shut. I am sitting at the entrance to the kitchen batting my paws in the air.
'What are you doing, Sasha? You haven't caught a lizard, have you?'
Then she puts down the phone and rushes over to me.
'It's a beautiful butterfly! How did it get inside? Keep away Sasha.  Go inside!'
Tries to make me go into the kitchen. I know that trick. Next thing you know the door is shut, with the cat in the kitchen and the human able to go out the back door.
She has the butterfly on her arm now and it crawls up to the top

 of her head. Then she rushes into the hall and shuts the door. I can't win. I am still in the kitchen.
Meow meow meow.
When she comes back in she says she has put the butterfly in a clump of grass.  It is still clinging to a stalk in the morning and later it flies away.
This is a Monarch butterfly. The lady next door grows a special bush for them to eat.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Inspecting the Visitor

So much cleaning and tidying. I knew something was up. But I decided to sleep outside in my cane igloo and see what happened. Then I was too late. The first visitor managed to get into the house and as far as the kitchen and I was stuck there, staring through my cat door, instead of rushing in and diving under the bed.

She was thrilled, of course, as she thought I had forgotten her picking me up. After all it was several years ago.
But I hadn't forgotten (of course). I just decided to wait for any signs. This time she didn't dare to grab me and only spoke respectfully to me from a distance. I let her look at me and even come outside to look at me more closely.
'Well done, Sasha!' said Lynettea.
It doesn't take a lot to please her.

Friday, April 20, 2018

lizard or snake?

Lynettea dragged me away from a small prey on the path and then said, 'That looks more like a snake than a lizard!'
It wriggled off with a sideways motion into the garden. I wasn't allowed to go after it. It was as big as a skink.
We have no picture of it, so I am just showing me sprawling on the paving. It was hot again today. And it rained a teenie tiny bit. Then the sun dried it up.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Is this toy trying to touch me?

'You have never played with this toy, Sasha. '
What do you mean by that?
'The friend who gave it to you when you were a tiny kitten will be visiting on a couple of days. It would be nice for her to see you playing with it.'
Whaaat? The friend who picked me up? You know I hate strangers picking me up.
'She definitely won't pick you up, Sasha.'

Look, the toy is trying to poke me in the head!
'The toy hasn't moved, Sasha. It is inanimate.'
What does that mean? It is poking at me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Update on Walkies

I have decided it is better for Lynettea to stay home all day, so she can be ready when I decide it is time to go out.  That time happened around 2.45 pm today. She was about to go out shopping but I stopped her by signalling it was now time for walkies.

It is good that she was alert. I walked to the gate and got her on the halter. She had a nice walkies following me under some overhanging bushes. Then I sampled some of my grass from the outside pots and scrabbled around a bit. A pity she is not good at crawling, so I had to back out of some places.

We noticed someone has put up some tall trellis against the back fence without asking us. Lynettea was surprised to see it. Maybe they can hear me meowing and are afraid. Well it is just a barren piece of paving on the other side of the fence anyway. Our side has trees and bushes and a clump of lemongrass.

At least I have given her some mental stimulation for the day.
This is an earlier photo, as she didn't take any while we were out. She has to concentrate on me.

It isn't the right time for walkies

It is warmer again. Yes. I know I have just got up, 'late' as you call it at 11 a.m.
 But I have been busy most of the night looking out the front window for any threat from the street. And I also had to run through the house looking from side windows for any intruders and check the back yard from the observation post in my enclosure.
It is hard but necessary work. Tiring, too. I hope you are grateful.
 As you are a human, I expect you won't be grateful.

'I am grateful, Sasha, for all your care and hard work.'

Well I need to groom myself now and no matter how much you beg and plead with me, I am not ready to take you out for walkies. It isn't any use waving the lead at me, or rattling the gate. It is nice and sunny up here on my walkway and I intend to stay.'

Sunday, April 15, 2018

What happened to summer?

Four days ago it was 18°C hotter than now. (64.4°F). From 36.9°C (98.42°F), on Wednesday 11 April to 19°C (66.2°F) on Saturday. Boiling hot, flake out on the floor weather to under the rug weather. I know it isn't really cold, but the changes are difficult. My furs start to thicken up and then they shed. And then they have to grow again. The furs are confused and so am I. This is supposed to be autumn.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


I am a good model. But my eyes are shut. Just resting after playing with the ball.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

Some greeting images for fellow kitties. I feel the one with the rabbit and flower theme is more suitable for junior kitties. It was Lynettea's idea.
I didn't push any Easter Eggs off my table either. It is a made up image in case you are worried.
We did have a friend over and I let her give me a little bit of patting.
Happy Easter Everyone!

Tummy Rub

After having a tummy rub in the morning, I like to spend quite a bit of time having a quality sleep in.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


In between helping Lynettea  with a spot of laundry, I groom my toesies.
I am not sure what is the point of all this washing in any case. It takes up a lot of time. It is more convenient to grow furs.

Athena's Caturday Art

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

My Pet Bequest Form to RSPCA

Lynettea had to fill in my details for the RSPCA pet bequest program in case anything happens to her. There were only 500 words to describe my purrsonality, which I didn't feel could do me justice. She said I was nervous of going away from home and loved playing with her.
Only partly true. I might not be nervous if I really got going. It is the starting out that is so difficult, the wondering about what might happen.
I don't really want to be bequested, but Lynettea says she has to safeguard my future.
 I am already in the program, but they got a new computer and failed to transfer my details.
Not a good look!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

A New Home!!!

Is she serious? I was waiting for my jelly food to be put down. My gravy food was still in the bowl, only partly eaten. But I really wanted fresh jelly food.
So I gave her the teniest tiniest slash with one of my clawsies. It hardly touched her.
She started, and then turned around and said, 'If you keep on scratching me, Sasha, I will have to look for a new home for you.'
Well I ask you! I leaped from the bed and sat in the corridor on a flat scratching board. When she came out, I stared at her, my beautiful eyesies wide open.
'I am really serious about that, Sasha,' she said, glaring at me. 'Really serious.'
Then she put my jelly food in the bowl.
 Instead of leaping at it, tongue scooping at the foil packet, as it usually does, I sat still on the kitchen counter, where I had jumped after leaving the scratcher in the corridor, and stared at her.
'What's the matter, Sasha? she asked. 'Don't you want your jelly food?'
I didn't move. Just sat there on the counter, which is another forbidden place.
'Oh, I am sure everything will be alright,' she said. 'Don't worry.'
Then she picked me up and put me near my plate, nose pointed to the bowl.
The enticing scent of the jelly forced me to eat. Actually I couldn't stop myself once I was sniffing it.
But should I worry? My clawsies have a will of their own.
On the other hand the servants might be more compliant at a new place.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Are my clawsies poisonous?

I accidentally gave Lynettea a scratch on her right index finger on Monday evening.  What a fuss! If she hadn't tried to pat my beautiful long right arm while I was lying down gently grooming my pretty furs, this wouldn't have happened.
On Tuesday evening the pharmacist told her she should see the doctor, as animal wounds could be serious.  She made a doctor's appointment and then came home to feed me before going back to wait.  Luckily we live nearby or I might have really suffered. Food is a very important matter.
Now she has had a tetanus injection and is taking antibiotics and it is supposed to be my fault? I don't think it is my fault.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Cool Change

After the heat of the last days, we have a cool change. It is a public holiday, so with little traffic in the street we can have the front door open for a while.
I feel more energized. The last few days I have spent lyimg around thinking of icebergs and hoping one would drift northwards from the pole. The nearest we got to it was a few icecubes from the fridge.

Friday, March 9, 2018

another hot day resting

I was on my futon in the loungeroom, then I moved. Went outside under my bus seat, where it was like a dark cave, then was persuaded to come in for a session with the massage brush.  I enjoyed that. Now I am resting on the floor under the ceiling fan. Lynettea put a selection of beds for me to choose from.

Keeping up with the blog

I haven't posted for a while.
Lynettea said I can't expect to have visitors if I don't make any posts.
But it is difficult to make posts when your human doesn't help at all, even by taking photos.
Perhaps she thought helping with my birthday celebration was enough for her to do all year.
I am sleeping in. Even though it is 2.40 pm I am still on my eiderdown on the loungeroom floor with my beautiful green eyes tight shut. If I stay quite still she might not disturb me by trying to kiss me or something.
We had a noisy time over the weekend with aerial displays right over the house. I felt stressed and even ran under the bed a couple of times. These planes were noisy, but not the worst. Some sort of jet made a hideous noise right above the roof.
The car race is finished now. But I ask you, 'what is next?' I dread to think!

Friday, February 16, 2018

You are safe with me, Sasha

I look up suspiciously. What is she up to now?
Oh no! I am fading. I am sure I had more colour!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cats stay for meowgaritas

Several of our visitors stayed during this evening. We had cattails, mostly meowgaritas, although some preferred to mix theirs with nip. Fortunately we have catnip growing semi-wild in the garden. I don't take to it at all, preferring a bit of cat thyme any day. But some kitties got so stimulated by rolling in the nip plants that they had to stay in the bedroom for a while listening to soft music so they would calm down.
The nip was flattened, but no doubt it will perk up in a day or so.
After supper, Lynettea gave the remaining kitties a massage with my massage brush. Most found this very relaxing. The house was full of purrs.
Then the last of our visitors went home, with purrs of regret that they had to leave. I think the turning point was when Lynettea told us that she would have to leave early in the morning and would not be able to provide bacon sandwiches and micecream for breakfast. Most kitties said they had to go back to supervise their humans, but we wondered.
It is quieter here now. I am still rather over stimulated (according to Lynettea). I had to supervise the younger kitties and it was tiring work. I had to drag some of them off the woollen wall-hanging and rescue others who had fallen in the pond. The fish said they were glad the felines had now gone. But they told me that they were pleased I had had an exciting birthday.

Birthday food

Some kitties stayed over for breakfast. But this was the supper before they tucked in. The house was a bit messy afterwards, but Lynettea said it was only once a year and she hoped we all enjoyed it. There were several other tables, as she couldn't fit all the requested food on this one. She spent a long time trying to find the virtual food and packing it all on the table for us. The table is a virtual table too.
I think I may have a few unbirthdays as well this year.
We ate so much we have all slept in this morning and are now preparing for a very late breakfast.
We had to be quiet playing games, as Lynettea was trying to sleep.
Next year we will have the party a bit earlier and make a lot more racket.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sasha's 5th Birthday Party

I have been very slow in putting up an invitation for Sasha's virtual birthday party. We have been for a long walkies and sitties outside, with Sasha conducting me about on my lead, to keep me safe. We are now settling down and wondering what food to provide for visitors. Please use the comments to order what you would like to eat. We have an extensive virtual menu. After the food we will have various kitty games and entertainments, which I hope will not prove too damaging to the house. We still have to live in it tomorrow.
Welcome to all of Sasha's kitty friends!