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Monday, December 31, 2018

End of Year

At the end of 2018 I am off chasing my New Year's Resolution.

Sunday, December 30, 2018


Lynettea says I am comfy here and can sleep in as long as I want and have the run of the whole house, while she only has one room. She says she has given up trying to train me.
How can she train me? She is the one who needs training!

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Some people say I am a spoiled kitty. Just look at my room.

I now have my TV lounge as well as my futon, two places to sleep on the lounge, my scout bag, my bear chair and my scratching post.
There is also another igloo not in this photo.
But I don't get to sleep on my human's bed, like most kitties.
Maybe instead of being spoiled, I am neglected?

Friday, December 28, 2018

Me on My TV Lounge

Lynettea's friend visited today. I didn't see her, as I was resting in my cosy under the bus seat in my outdoor area and didn't want to come inside. It was very hot. Very hot! Over 36°C, but not nearly as hot as yesterday.
Now we are watching a YouTube video of a Trans Siberian rail journey in winter.
Lynettea's friend suggested she put a rug on my hammock and I am now using it.

Me on the Hammock

Lynettea put me on the hammock to take a photo,  but I haven't used it much yet.
It is very very hot.
Maybe I will hop on and off it sometimes.  This is the large hammock for big cats.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

My gift

What is it? It looks like a lot of sticks and some bits of metal in a packet. I could get that open with my teeth and flip them around the room. I like the little mat. It is nice to recline on on my grass.

Let's look at the instructions.

Oh there aren't any instructions. 

'I'll go on the website and look at the video. Here it is. But it doesn't look like what we have, and we don't have that tool to assemble it either.'

Does that mean you can't fix it for me and I won't have a gift?

'Don't worry,  Sasha. We will work it out together.'

And we did! But I had to go outside at the last minute, so I haven't seen it yet. 

My TV hammock.

Opening the gift from the Reindeer

Don't you think it is about time to open the gift?
You have cleaned the entire house.

'I'm a bit nervous about it, Sasha. What will we find? Maybe they have sent something too difficult for me to assemble.'

Don't worry. I will help you.

It can't be too hard. You can open the package with your scissors. 

Okay. Let's get it out. I wonder what it is?

Pull it out!

Still waiting

It's the parcel opening day. Santa's parcel from the Reindeer is still waiting and it is a quarter to ten in the morning.  When will we start?
'I have a few things to do first,  Sasha.'
That's okay.  No rush! I might start helping with the wrappings soon. Just lying here sharpening my teeth.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Happy Christmas card

Here is my Christmas card to kitties and their humans and all other animal blogging friends and their humans.

Waiting: Day 7 Getting more alert

Lynettea says we can unwrap the parcel tomorrow.
She will need my help. I am not sure if that means I have to help with my teeth or my claws. Maybe she needs me to supervise? I am really good at that.
Yesterday I took her out for walkies just before dark  but the path was too hot for me, so I took her back into my enclosure where the path was cool.
Humans get dehydrated easily, so you need to look after them. Or she might get sick and how would I open my food packets?
There is a heatwave forecast for as long as we can see.
Now I have to post my Christmas card.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Waiting: Day 6 My tail attacks me

Even my sleep is full of drama.
I can hear a faint voice.
'Your whiskers are twitching,  Sasha. I wonder why. Are you having a nice dream, Sasha? Maybe you are hunting?'
I don't budge. This is annoying.  My tactic is to keep on sleeping.
Then my tail attacks. I have had it pinned down, but now it sneaks out and attacks my head. It is only soft furs and can't hurt me.
I keep on sleeping.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Waiting: Day 5.

I have moved. I am now lying in a different position.
Lynettea says she is happy for me to receive a gift from Santa, but she only wants me to give her a cuddle. If I want to. She has told Santa not to bring her anything. She says she definitely doesn't want anything or to spend time trying to get rid of unwanted gifts.
The house is full, she says. It is a tiny space and already full.
I might also be on notice not to receive more gifts, as Lynettea is afraid of falling over my swarms of equipment.
'A good clear space is what we need, Sasha,' she says.
I don't like the sound of that.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Waiting Day 4: The 'Do not disturb' sign is up

Yesterday I relaxed in my 'under the bus seat'

 Today Lynettea prodded at me in my cane igloo to try to get me to yawn again.
Sometimes I wonder how considerate she is really. Maybe she just pretends to be nice. This is bad behaviour, I think.  The sort of thing a young kitten might do to get attention.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Waiting: Day 3 Awake?

No I am not planning on getting up.  This is just a short wake break.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


'Readers are going to get tired of all your posts of you sleeping, Sasha.'

We'll see.

'They might stop reading your blog!'

Only five sleeps to go.

Waiting: day 2

Why should I wake up?
Is it Christmas yet?

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Monday, December 17, 2018

The reindeer's helper brings a parcel

I am not sure why the reindeer didn't bring my parcel. Lynettea said they are very busy this time of year, so an elf helper brought it for them.

 He didn't look like an elf. More like an Indian man with flashing brown eyes and shining white teeth.  He drove up in a van. He made Lynettea sign for the parcel, even though it was for me.

Now Lynettea says we have to wait to open it, as Santa wouldn't be happy if we opened it early.

It is resting near one of my cosies, which isn't very convenient.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Wrong Parcel

Lynettea said Santa and the Reindeer might be sending me a parcel, so I was quite excited when the Postman came today with a parcel wrapped in red and white plastic.
Lynettea said, 'It must be for you,  Sasha!' And dumped it on the table without looking at it properly, as we had visitors coming just then.
Later on she was about to unwrap it when she saw it was not from Santa.
What a disappointment!  I am still waiting for my parcel and hoping it is a thoughtful gift. Sometimes I get gifts that I don't like and I don't use them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What a racket!

Woken early with the roar and clatter of the green waste truck from the Council.  Nothing unusual for a Wednesday. Every Wednesday it is the green waste or the recycling,  plus the general garbage truck.
Lynettea went over the road to collect the bin, only to find it was still full. Someone had moved it to the end of the string and a car then parked too close.
I knew she wouldn't let that alone and wheel the full bin back inside. She rang the east waste people and shortly afterwards their truck roared back up the street and emptied the bin. All good. Then she went over to collect both bins, as the red top bin for ordinary garbage had also now been collected. Oh no! The truck had smashed off the top of the red bin!
She rushed in, past me. I was trying to relax on the lounge. Sleeping was now impossible. More phone calls. She is now telephoning the Council to complain. They removed all the line markings in the street months ago and haven't replaced them.
I sometimes think that if humans did the work properly in the first place they wouldn't need all those people to answer complaints. That is the cat view.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Comparing ME to DIAMOND

I think it is rude to compare the merits of one person to another. Particularly if you are standing in front of them.

I am standing here, or rather I am wrenching at Lynettea's lead trying to get her inside, while she is talking to a man who was jogging past the gate until he saw us.

The man stares at me and says he remembers Diamond, when he lived near here many years ago.  He tells Lynettea that his son, who was then a little boy and is now at University, still remembers Diamond.  Apparently they were friends. They both stare at me while I wrench the lead again.

Lynettea says that Diamond passed away at 16 and she now has me and I am not as friendly.

I wrench at the lead and she says, 'Sit, Sasha,' as if I was a dog. Reluctantly I sit.

They don't think I am as good as Diamond.
I think that it is very rude to talk about me like that. As soon as I can,  I take Lynettea inside.
She needs a lot more training.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

watching television

Another evening of television watching my favorite programs. Nature programs are what I prefer.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

I just woke up

I took Lynettea for her walkies.  The sparrow was definitely not in the garden as I spent some time checking.  We could hear the background noise of the racing cars.
 I felt hungry, so when I brought Lynettea inside she got my meal straight away. I had jelly style premium cat food, as usual and a plateful of my dry foods, for a mature adult neutered male that lives indoors, and my dental food.
As soon as I started eating,  Lynettea shut the door to the back of the house and I heard her slashing at the grapevine and watering plants.
Instead of looking at her through the window, I fell asleep on the lounge and only woke up just now when she tucked my soft scarf around me.
I wonder whether I should get up. It is much later.
But perhaps I won't.

A Racing Driver

Today I can hear the booming noise of racing cars. They are racing in the Parklands around the city. I wonder what sort of cars make such a loud noise.
It is like a swarm of bees magnified a thousand times.
'They can't hurt you, Sasha. Don't worry,  they are far away.'
Why does she think I am worried? I am thinking of a new career option: racing car driver.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Hunting disaster

I am now not even allowed to hunt dead birds.
A couple of days ago I found a dead sparrow near the side gate. Lynettea dragged me away before I could examine it properly. We had to go inside very suddenly and then she rushed out. When we went out again the next day for her walkies, the bird had moved. Maybe it wasn't dead? Impossible.
I sniffed around to try to locate it. No luck. A mystery.
Today I am checking in the garden bed and suddenly I find the dead sparrow resting  under the violets.  Anxious to examine it properly, I pick it up and jump to the footpath.
No luck.
'Drop that, Sasha!' she says. Then we have to go in again.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Sheer frustration

I have been thinking about career options.
'Oh. You have been thinking, Sasha. I don't like the sound of that.'
My preferred choices are:
1. Hunting
2. Mountaineering
3. Exploring new lands

'That is a concern, Sasha. What about me? And we go out for walkies every day. You don't want to stay out long and we have to come in whenever you see someone coming.  How would you cope?'
Well I suppose you could come if you wanted. I find it irritating having to look after you all the time. And you always stop me hunting.
'I have to think of the birds and lizards,  Sasha.'
Birds and lizards! What about me!
'You nearly fell off your upstairs runway yesterday trying to grab a bird on the roof. What if you had fallen?'
If you didn't have shadecloth over the top we could have had a dove for lunch.
'I don't eat doves, Sasha. You have plenty of cat food. Eat that.'

Well no use discussing it with her. Television is a poor substitute.


The weather is a bit cooler at night, so I am snuggled in my scarf.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Good Morning Kitties

It is going to be a hot day where I live.
I wake up and start grooming. My pillowcase is a bit rumpled where I have pushed it aside.  Bear is nearby snuggled up in my fluffy scarf.
I am ready for the day.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

I need my beauty sleep

I spent the night patrolling the house and staring out the window for intruders in the garden.
Now I need my beauty sleep.
Please stop patting.  I will give you some cuddlie later in the day and even take you out for walkies if you are good.

Sasha having his beauty sleep

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


I have my own special setup under the bed. The mock fur bedspread hangs down to the floor, so it is cosy and well protected. I have a special nook with a velvet cosy and a carpet square.
If people that I don't know come into the house I silently retreat underbed until I am confident. 
If any tradesmen arrive Lynettea shuts the bedroom door so I can feel comfortable.
This morning an electrician came to look at a flickering light and I am still resting underbed,  even though he has gone. I think I will stay here for a while. It is snugly and I feel safe.

Me on top of the bed

Monday, November 5, 2018


This is late news and we are all safe, including the fish.
We had thunderstorms all night several nights ago.  Before she shut the bedroom door, with me in my lounge as usual,  Lynettea said she could hear the thunder,  but I was not to worry.
'If I hear any loud noise, I will come straight out and look after you, Sasha,' she said. ' It is only distant thunder, don't worry.'
Around 2 am there was a lot of lightning and thunder crashing over the house.
I heard the bedroom door open and her feeble voice saying 'Sasha, Sasha'.
Fully alert, I sprang to the rescue. I dashed straight in and gave her a big cuddlie. Soon she wasn't frightened any more. I got her to sit on the lounge while I went out to check on my play area outside. Fortunately,  no hailstones and the roof was intact.
I ask you, what would she do without me?

Sasha to the rescue, once again!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Yoga Poses

Stretch the toes right out. Flex the arms and the legs. Ease the neck muscles.

After exhaustive efforts at supervising the human, I retire to my exercise post and carry out my routine.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Is it more noble to stay at home?

I think Lynettea will not be able to cope if I leave to satisfy my ambition to climb mountains. Looking back through the blog I see that Diamond also had ambitions but sacrificed himself.
He wanted to be a movie director in Hollywood   but only got as far as sitting in a director's chair.
We cats have so many duties!
I am trying to satisfy my climbing urge by leaping around here.
But it isn't the same thing.  It really isn't!
I get onto the cupboard by springing to the top of the door, then turning around and walking across the narrow ledge of the door frame.
Lynetta hates me doing this.  She really freaks out.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

A shocking noise

I have been up since 4am with a shocking noise. Lynettea said it was a faulty smoke alarm, but she didn't know what to do. I stayed outside part of the time, but it was cold. Sometimes the alarm switched off for a while and then it started again.
At 7am Lynettea rang the electrical service. The man in charge had just got into the office and he told her to get a broom handle and poke the alarm. It is a very high ceiling and she could hardly reach it with a long rod that was longer than a broom.
The alarm stopped.
That was really good.
I never realized how much I liked silence. The electrician came at 10am. The alarm sounded several times before that, but Lynettea poked it with the pole and forced it to be quiet.
I stayed outside under my bus seat while the electrician disconnected the alarm. We have new ones already that are connected to the fire service, so we didn't want this old alarm.
Then I took Lynettea out for a walkies to check all the fence boundaries in case I had to jump over and call for help. Then I checked all the rooms thoroughly.
This is all very tiring.
I need a rest and a completely unstressed week to follow.