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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I let them pat me

My visitor from Queensland was Lynettea's great niece and her friend. We couldn't work out what sort of relative I could call her so thought it would be auntie, as she is older than me and it sounded respectful. I let her and her friend pat me. They both have cats at home and were probably missing them, so it was a bit like me being a therapy cat  which I have always thought might be an interesting job.
But I don't think I will try it.
Hunting is my preferred career, but I am not allowed to do that.
Our visitors really wanted to see the pandas, but the pandas had just gone into a 5 day retreat, so they had to get toy pandas instead.
Lynettea is hoping they will come again next year. Maybe there will be some tiny pandas then.
Google made this photo of me.

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Lynettea says I am going to have a visitor, who is going to fly here from very far away, so I had better rest up and get prepared.
This visitor came to see Diamond many years ago. I hope she is not going to compare us. According to Lynettea each kitty has their own special qualities and pawsonality.
Anyway, she says, this visitor was so young when she came here before that she won't remember enough to compare us.
I saw in Diamond's notes that he had a favourite visitor who came once to see him.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

me having a complete rest

But someone switch the light off.

A shocking noise

I have been up since 4am with a shocking noise. Lynettea said it was a faulty smoke alarm, but she didn't know what to do. I stayed outside part of the time, but it was cold. Sometimes the alarm switched off for a while and then it started again.
At 7am Lynettea rang the electrical service. The man in charge had just got I to the office and he told her to get a broom handle and poke the alarm. It is a very high ceiling and she could hardly reach it with a long rod that was longer than a broom.
The alarm stopped.
That was really good.
I never realized how much I liked silence. The electrician came at 10am. The alarm sounded several times before that, but Lynettea poked it with the pole and forced it to be quiet.
I stayed outside under my bus seat while the electrician disconnected the alarm. We have new ones already that are connected to the fire service, so we didn't want this old alarm.
Then I took Lynettea out for a walkies to check all the fence boundaries in case I had to jump over and call for help. Then I checked all the rooms thoroughly.
This is all very tiring.
I need a rest and a completely unstressed week to follow.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Just a little sip

It is really hard to do my role of food taster.
'What role is that  Sasha?'
My role to make sure your food is nutritious and safe to eat.'
'When did I ask you to do that, Sasha?'
Meow. Diamond left me instructions in his will.
'Oh. I see.'

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Some of my equipment. I have a new speed track

A Few Days of Rest

After spending almost the entire time for the last two day resting on my wolfskin covered futon, snuggled in my fluffy scarf, I decided it was time for action.
I clawed at the cedar Venetian blinds, making Lynettea shriek, dashed several times down the hall and onto the tops of any furniture in various rooms,  making her shriek even more.
'Don't knock my things down  Sasha!!!'
As if I would. At least not on purpose.
Over the bed whoosh whoosh and down to the floor on the other side. Now some skidding in the hall.
Throw a ball for me? That's boring. I prefer to stretch my legs right out.
She was worrying that I might be ill with so much lying down.  Now for my food. Gobble gobble all gone.
I feel refreshed.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Me Time

After helping with the clothes washing, preparing breakfast and vacuuming the house, I need some relaxing Me time.

Me and my Salvias

I am posting some pictures of my salvias, which have been flowering all winter. It is now the beginning of spring. They are supposed to die back in winter, so I don't know what is going on.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

an excuse for not posting

I haven't even been able to approve my comments from fellow kitties. So much for Lynettea's promise to fulfill her duties. I might be able to go outside this afternoon. It is supposed to be 26°C, which is amazing for August. It is winter here in Adelaide and supposed to be cold. But our Salvia Bush has flowered bright red all winter.
Some pictures of me soon.
Your friend,

Monday, August 13, 2018


Does she expect me to go on mindlessly chasing after the same old toy forever?
Today Lynettea dragged out some toys on a stick. I remember how excited I had been about them as a kitten.  Then I ran into one of the rods and she said they were too dangerous and stashed them away.
Out it comes, electric blue flashing eyes on the mouse. Whoever heard of a natural mouse like that? Long fluffy tail on a stick, fun to grab at once or twice. Maybe one and a half times.
She waves it in front of my tunnel, but gets tired of waiting for me to charge out and grab it. In the end I stalk it slowly by creeping through the tunnel, and then just walk out.
Really I wonder if she thinks I don't remember these toys.
I am an adult cat now. Give me something new.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

How the cat's fur grows on the face

This picture shows my face fur. See massage directions earlier.

A relaxing face massage

This morning I treated myself to a relaxing face massage.
Lynettea said I enjoyed it so much I should put some instructions on the blog.

Let the cat rest his head in the palm of one hand. The cat should be stretched out on a couch or bed with his human sitting beside him. The cat could also be partly on the human's lap.
Massage the nose: down strokes with the tip of a finger at the part of the nose near the nostrils. You will see the furs run towards the nostrils.
Sides of the nose: massage towards the centre line on each side. The furs run towards the centre.
Top section of nose to forehead: massage upward in sweeping strokes.
Forehead: massage with sweeping strokes up between ears.
Cheeks: massage each one with strokes towards each ear.
Under chin: a good rub is particularly important here. Then massage with sweeping strokes from the chin right down the nape.
NOTE: it is important not to stare at the cat, as this is threatening. Blink your eyes slowly at the cat to reassure him you are no threat.
The cat will probably fall asleep several times while being massaged, as it is very relaxing.
If he wakes up suddenly, reassure him with a long slow blink that he is completely safe.

Well, after my massage, I am falling asleep.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Too many toys

I may have to get up. These toys look as if they are taking over.

here I am on my mock wolf fur rug

I am sleeping on my mock fur rug, which is covering Lynettea's eiderdown and my pure wool futon. I have a fluffy scarf around me knitted by one of my friends. At one side bear has fallen into my mock grass and my newest toy is in the front. I had a game with it before falling asleep, but don't feel like playing with it right now. So Lynettea can stop poking at the little mock mouse inside.
In the corner you can see the edge of my brown paper bag from the Scout Shop. I love sitting on it and thinking of when I can be a scout. Am I still too young? My bag may be worn out before Lynettea agrees to me going out and doing anything interesting. Thinking about that, I must see how she is measuring up to my list of demands.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

So are we going out, or what?

I am waiting here to see if we are going out before it starts raining. What a beautiful sunny morning it has been. Now you are back the wind has sprung up and clouds are whirling over the sky.
How much longer can I sit here wondering if I can exercise you while it is still at least fine?
Oh you have been walking, have you?
That doesn't count. It is supervised walking that counts. How else can I teach you all the things you need to know? You aren't very attentive when I take you out. I feel you may never learn.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Do you think she is needy?

Do you think she is needy or what?
When she says things like, 'I love to have you near me, dear cat', I get suspicious.  I look around to see if there are any other cats nearby. But no. It is just us. I know I had an entire packet of my jelly food around half an hour ago, followed by a snack of my crispies, but the plate is empty now.
'Do you need more food, Sasha?'
I am thinking about it. Say some more nice things to me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Little eysies are shut

'You've got your little eyesies shut! Aren't you cute?'
Well of course I have my eyes closed.  I'm trying to get a catnap. A long catnap, lasting several hours. So you want to feel my legs and ruffle up my furs? This isn't a good idea and it's not a good time either.
Sometimes I think it's better if she goes out and leaves me in peace.
Until dinner time.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sunday, July 15, 2018

A list of things to learn

Lynettea made a list of things I think she needs to learn. I have a few extras to add.
1. She must: brush and massage me 1 times per day.
2. She must go for walkies with me every day.
3. I must be fed whenever I want.
4. She must cuddle me when I want.
5. She has to play a game with me every day.

Some extras from me:
On my signal she must open the window.
I am allowed to go in and out at will and jump the fence.
I have decided to ban nearly all visitors.
She must stay at home and only go out to get supplies. We could investigate getting everything delivered.
I will sleep on the bed.

I am waiting to see if she agrees to my demands.

'Sasha, where do you think this is? Gilead maybe?'

I don't think she is going to agree. Well it was worth a try.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Confiding in Bear

It has been a long day. Bear is helping me relax. I have entertained friends from Japan and Papua New Guinea and Adelaide. Well they all actually live here in any case. They all think I am a very special cat and helper for Lynettea. All the praise is nice, but I like a quiet life.
'Well at least you didn't hide under the bed, Sasha.'
Thanks, Bear. You can sit on the edge of my cosy if you want.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

winter sunshine

I am sharing some winter sunshine with the tomatoes. My special place means I can look out of the window at the garden. Lynettea had it put here for me when the kitchen cupboards were installed. The furniture people thought it was funny to have the kitchen designed around a cat.
But Lynettea didn't care if they laughed, because she knows how important it is to me.
'You are my 'best cat', Sasha!'
I thought I was the only one. I get confused being called all these different names: darling cat, best cat, gorgeous one, my special friend, etc. etc. Better than 'naughty cat', I suppose.

Monday, July 9, 2018

I know how to help her

I just have to sit close to her and she feels less stressed.


With all the worries of the world crowding into the smartphone I think it is time to start de-stressing. Why Lynettea put on live feeds of disasters, I will never know. From the wiser cat point of view, since I cannot do anything about these disasters, I prefer to focus on being comfortable.
If there was room in my cosy, Lynettea could join me. She doesn't let me sleep in her bed.
Later it will be time to get up and go for a short walkies in the cold. Then coax her into having a game with some of my toys. She will be in a good mood then, laughing as we dash around.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

time for sleeping

shut off the light please.
You can keep the warm breeze blowing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The two of us together

She says she likes to see the two of us sitting together.
I think that is weird.
Bear is only a stuffed toy. Although I try to be considerate towards him. I don't like to be discriminatory.

Monday, June 25, 2018

sitting here

Excuse me why do I have to sit here?
So you are preparing food.
So what?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

healing breath

Today I am blowing the healing breath in her ears.
'My little friend,' she says.
She went out to her class, although I advised her to stay home where I could supervise her.
Now she is back and sitting down after her walk.
I might need a few crunchies on my plate. CRUNCH CRUNCH I am eating up the few left.
What next?

Monday, June 4, 2018

My healing paws

My healing paws seem to have worked. I gave Lynettea several extra treatments. She said I was a lovely cuddly kitty. I think she is getting better. She even did some work on the computer. I am outside enjoying a bit of sunshine. Maybe she will let me take her for a bit of a walkies? The sunshine would do her good, even if it is cold.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

I am okay

I am busy looking after Lynettea who has a bad cold. I put the healing paws on her today. This was comforting for her, but then she coughed so much when I jumped off that I wondered if she would be okay. I am eating my foods again. But not as many. She needs to keep warm.
And we are sorry for the worries we caused. Lynettea washed the floor with plain water several times in case the Eucalyptus had made me ill.

Monday, May 28, 2018

I haven't eaten my evening meal

I haven't eaten my evening meal and threw up. Has the eucalyptus cleaner affected me?
Now Lynettea is getting really worried.
 I am going outside to sleep in my cane igloo. I hope I am going to be okay.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Helping your Pawrent

Today I'm helping Lynettea with floor cleaning. She thinks it's a game and laughs when I try to guide the mop away from the chair legs.
'Thank you, Sasha, for helping me!' she says.
The mop spreads Eucalyptus floor cleaner over my laundry floor. It smells like a forest.
Now the vacuum cleaner will vacuum my mock grass in the lounge-room.
I'm getting a bit bored now. After we finish I might take her for walkies, if she is good.
'Sasha,' she says, 'I see you have your meow back in working order after a quiet week with that bucket on your head!'
Whatever can she mean? I was just having a bit of a chat.
But it looks nice outside!

Thursday, May 24, 2018


After all these days of mooching around with a bucket on my head, I am now free again.
This morning Lynettea inspected my ear and the wound was gone.  She unbuckled the strap and prised the plastic contraption off.
I had almost got used to slouching down the hall and trying to hunt with the wretched thing.
My food was delivered this morning.
Here I am playing with bear on the remnants of the carton.
Lynette keeps telling me off for rushing up and down leaping, meowing and rattling the blinds in a very raucous fashion.  So I am now sitting quietly grooming while I dictate.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

What can I do?

Maybe we can watch TV together if SHE switches it on. I am not sure if I can get in my tunnel. I might get trapped in there. Maybe I could EAT if SHE put some food down.
I have to eat off my flat plates and use my litter without its cover. Very uncivilized.  But my flat plates are stoneware not plastic, so not too bad.
Lets watch some upmarket or exotic programs with hints for cats, or a suitable film of my choice.
What about 'Born Free'?

Woe is Me

I was trying to send my GPS position with my last post when the Vet came out and snatched me. Too late for any rescue attempt.
I decided to appear very compliant and squatted on the examination bench, although it was freezing cold. Why don't they heat these things. Yet another torture instrument.
 After being felt all over in the usual intrusive manner, I was weighed on the scales in the hall.
Fortunately no dogs were in the hall, although straight after that the Vet had to leave me and rush out to see to a dog that had swallowed a sponge in the dreaded back room. What were they doing to it? I dare not think.
I forgot to mention that I have a scrape in my ear and have been working at it with my claws. So after my vaccinations, the Vet jabbed extra needles in me, hacked off my claws and put the bucket on my head.
One good thing, he told Lynettea that my weight was fine and I could continue eating as much as I wanted.
But now I can only go out into my enclosure on the lead, because she is scared of me falling off the walkway with the bucket on. And what about my grooming?


where am i in the dark

i am in the cage help

something is up

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

cat flap

She has been fiddling around with the cat flap, testing what position it opens and shuts.
Probably nothing to worry about.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Butterfly Visitor

It's after dark and the door is shut. I am sitting at the entrance to the kitchen batting my paws in the air.
'What are you doing, Sasha? You haven't caught a lizard, have you?'
Then she puts down the phone and rushes over to me.
'It's a beautiful butterfly! How did it get inside? Keep away Sasha.  Go inside!'
Tries to make me go into the kitchen. I know that trick. Next thing you know the door is shut, with the cat in the kitchen and the human able to go out the back door.
She has the butterfly on her arm now and it crawls up to the top

 of her head. Then she rushes into the hall and shuts the door. I can't win. I am still in the kitchen.
Meow meow meow.
When she comes back in she says she has put the butterfly in a clump of grass.  It is still clinging to a stalk in the morning and later it flies away.
This is a Monarch butterfly. The lady next door grows a special bush for them to eat.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Inspecting the Visitor

So much cleaning and tidying. I knew something was up. But I decided to sleep outside in my cane igloo and see what happened. Then I was too late. The first visitor managed to get into the house and as far as the kitchen and I was stuck there, staring through my cat door, instead of rushing in and diving under the bed.

She was thrilled, of course, as she thought I had forgotten her picking me up. After all it was several years ago.
But I hadn't forgotten (of course). I just decided to wait for any signs. This time she didn't dare to grab me and only spoke respectfully to me from a distance. I let her look at me and even come outside to look at me more closely.
'Well done, Sasha!' said Lynettea.
It doesn't take a lot to please her.

Friday, April 20, 2018

lizard or snake?

Lynettea dragged me away from a small prey on the path and then said, 'That looks more like a snake than a lizard!'
It wriggled off with a sideways motion into the garden. I wasn't allowed to go after it. It was as big as a skink.
We have no picture of it, so I am just showing me sprawling on the paving. It was hot again today. And it rained a teenie tiny bit. Then the sun dried it up.