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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Posts about heat

Looking back at my recent posts, they are nearly all complaining about the heat.
This morning our neighbour Deb knocked at the door with her little grandson. Lynettea told me he looked sweet. I wouldn't know, as I decided very suddenly to sit under the bed, where it is more private. Our neighbour likes to catch me and dump me into the cage, so I am wary of her.
Lynette says she is just helping and I should be grateful!!!
Hard to believe isn't it?
I think I will stay underbed for a while.

This is me defending myself when a rug has been dumped on top of me.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Resting in the heat

It is 42.1°C outside. 107.78°F.
I am resting on my couch. Lynettea put my mock fur rug into a pillowcase so it is comfy in this hot weather.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Our Book on the radio

Our book, Travelling Through the Unexpected was the reason Lynettea had to give a radio interview on 5MBS in their Kaleidoscope program, which is an Arts Program. They mostly feature musicians and actors, so Lynettea was lucky to be asked as a poet.

You can listen to the interview if you like, as it is a podcast


Diamond's poem was not read and my poem was not read either, but Lynettea read a few of her own poems and talked about writing poetry and other things. The interviewer, Emily Sutherland wanted to know about haiku and tanka. 
Diamond was an expert writer of haiku and published his haiku hints on the blog.

It is very very hot here today. I am snoozing in a private place under the bed.

Monday, January 8, 2018

My books arriving

I am listening for the delivery van. Some of my poetry books will be arriving soon.

They mostly have Lynettea's work, but Diamond has one of his poems included. It was first published by the National Library of Australia in The Little Book of Cats. I have one of my poems in it too, written from a human viewpoint about cats. Not difficult for a feline to write, after our long study of humans and their curious views.  There is also a poem about missing Diamond, by Lynettea.
The book is called Travelling Through the Unexpected, by Lynette Arden. It is published by Ginninderra Press and available through online bookstores and as an ebook. epub and Kindle. Booktopia has the epub version. The Kindle version looks good on a Kindle reader or computer, but on Android the stanza breaks vanish. Why? Very annoying. I am careful about stanza breaks. The stanza breaks are fine in the epub version on Android. 

Lynettea went to Salisbury on Friday to talk on the radio about writing and the book.
She read out a giraffe poem, not mine. But she also read out a short piece of my writing.
It was very hot that day and I worried about her safety. My food supply vould have been in danger if anything had happened to her. That may seem heartless, but it is the practical approach we take as cats. is the radio station.
Words Out Loud is the program and it is being broadcast tomorrow 9 January  starting at just before 11.30 am Adelaide time. For her sake I hope it sounds okay.
We may listen to it together tomorrow.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Relaxing and grooming. I find my morning grooming session is a wonderful time to spend contemplating my life and its meaning and purpose.
This morning Lynettea told me that this whole house is so full of my possessions that the back door meows like a cat when she opens it.
That is hardly my doing! Surely she doesn't mean she has to de-clutter yet again? Some of her things could go. I could do with some more space for my stuff. I am forced to keep some of my play equipment on my lounge-room floor and we could spread it further through the house.
But I can't think of tidying things right now.
After the intense heat of yesterday I need to relax and enjoy some pampering from my human.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Still hot

Very few viewers for my HOT HOT HOT post. I expect most kitties are more concerned about the freezing conditions in the Northern Hemisphere. We are thinking of all the poor freezing kitties in USA, Canada, European Countries, including Russia.
Maybe some of you would like to come for a short visit. The thermometer in my enclosure still reads just under 40C, but it is lovely under the electric fan with the aircon breeze flowing over the furs. I had a massage, a brush and then a wash with kitty wet wipes.
Soon, I suppose the fish will want me to supervise their feeding, but I just might not go out today. The human can look after all of us. It is her job. She likes brushing kitties and you could run in and out of my tunnel and up and down the corridor.


I am resting. It is forecast to be 41°C (105.8F) in Adelaide today. Further from the coast it is forecast to go up to 45°C (113°F). I am enjoying the airconditioner cool breeze, but it is struggling to get down to 24°C. Lynettea says that is a luxury and she might put it up to 25°C (77°F).
I hope not.
The fish want everyone to know that they are enjoying a cool swim in The Pond and they will try to make Lynettea post on their blog for them.
Good luck, I say! Fortunately the cat takes priority, probably because fur is more attractive than scales.