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Monday, February 5, 2018

A Delegated Entry

I am writing this on behalf of Sasha. He woke up after spending the last part of the night snuggled in his cosy on the lounge and was preparing for a relaxing morning there, when our neighbour, a very kind and cat loving lady, knocked at the door.
Unfortunately Sasha is frightened of our neighbour, as she has assisted me in getting him into his pet carrier to go to the vet. He must have a long memory, as it is months since he has been. The fur has grown back around his neck and of course he hasn't had to wear the bucket for months.
Just the sound of her gate clicking and then ours clicking was enough to send him rushing for the bedroom.
He spent some time under the bed and has now gone outside to relax in the heat.
I worry about him being outside in this hot weather. He is inclined, though, to go under the bus seat and rest there. I have set up a velvet cat cosy on sheets of shade cloth, so it must be quite comfortable. The mock grass covering the bus seat droops to the ground on one side and I have placed cardboard sheets at the back, where the seat goes to the side of the enclosure, so it is like a little tent and gives some relief from the heat.
He asked me to make an entry on his blog for him.
He is getting quite excited, as the launch speaker on Saturday will be reading one of Diamond's poems.



Lone Star Cats said...

Us cats seem to really like da heat.

Mickey's Musings said...

Our Georgia is much the same about vet visits.
She sees mum doing certain things and assumes she is going to the vet.
Then she will hide.
As for heat, mum calls us "heat seeking missiles".
Yes, we love the heat!
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ