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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Butterfly Visitor

It's after dark and the door is shut. I am sitting at the entrance to the kitchen batting my paws in the air.
'What are you doing, Sasha? You haven't caught a lizard, have you?'
Then she puts down the phone and rushes over to me.
'It's a beautiful butterfly! How did it get inside? Keep away Sasha.  Go inside!'
Tries to make me go into the kitchen. I know that trick. Next thing you know the door is shut, with the cat in the kitchen and the human able to go out the back door.
She has the butterfly on her arm now and it crawls up to the top

 of her head. Then she rushes into the hall and shuts the door. I can't win. I am still in the kitchen.
Meow meow meow.
When she comes back in she says she has put the butterfly in a clump of grass.  It is still clinging to a stalk in the morning and later it flies away.
This is a Monarch butterfly. The lady next door grows a special bush for them to eat.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Inspecting the Visitor

So much cleaning and tidying. I knew something was up. But I decided to sleep outside in my cane igloo and see what happened. Then I was too late. The first visitor managed to get into the house and as far as the kitchen and I was stuck there, staring through my cat door, instead of rushing in and diving under the bed.

She was thrilled, of course, as she thought I had forgotten her picking me up. After all it was several years ago.
But I hadn't forgotten (of course). I just decided to wait for any signs. This time she didn't dare to grab me and only spoke respectfully to me from a distance. I let her look at me and even come outside to look at me more closely.
'Well done, Sasha!' said Lynettea.
It doesn't take a lot to please her.

Friday, April 20, 2018

lizard or snake?

Lynettea dragged me away from a small prey on the path and then said, 'That looks more like a snake than a lizard!'
It wriggled off with a sideways motion into the garden. I wasn't allowed to go after it. It was as big as a skink.
We have no picture of it, so I am just showing me sprawling on the paving. It was hot again today. And it rained a teenie tiny bit. Then the sun dried it up.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Is this toy trying to touch me?

'You have never played with this toy, Sasha. '
What do you mean by that?
'The friend who gave it to you when you were a tiny kitten will be visiting on a couple of days. It would be nice for her to see you playing with it.'
Whaaat? The friend who picked me up? You know I hate strangers picking me up.
'She definitely won't pick you up, Sasha.'

Look, the toy is trying to poke me in the head!
'The toy hasn't moved, Sasha. It is inanimate.'
What does that mean? It is poking at me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Update on Walkies

I have decided it is better for Lynettea to stay home all day, so she can be ready when I decide it is time to go out.  That time happened around 2.45 pm today. She was about to go out shopping but I stopped her by signalling it was now time for walkies.

It is good that she was alert. I walked to the gate and got her on the halter. She had a nice walkies following me under some overhanging bushes. Then I sampled some of my grass from the outside pots and scrabbled around a bit. A pity she is not good at crawling, so I had to back out of some places.

We noticed someone has put up some tall trellis against the back fence without asking us. Lynettea was surprised to see it. Maybe they can hear me meowing and are afraid. Well it is just a barren piece of paving on the other side of the fence anyway. Our side has trees and bushes and a clump of lemongrass.

At least I have given her some mental stimulation for the day.
This is an earlier photo, as she didn't take any while we were out. She has to concentrate on me.

It isn't the right time for walkies

It is warmer again. Yes. I know I have just got up, 'late' as you call it at 11 a.m.
 But I have been busy most of the night looking out the front window for any threat from the street. And I also had to run through the house looking from side windows for any intruders and check the back yard from the observation post in my enclosure.
It is hard but necessary work. Tiring, too. I hope you are grateful.
 As you are a human, I expect you won't be grateful.

'I am grateful, Sasha, for all your care and hard work.'

Well I need to groom myself now and no matter how much you beg and plead with me, I am not ready to take you out for walkies. It isn't any use waving the lead at me, or rattling the gate. It is nice and sunny up here on my walkway and I intend to stay.'

Sunday, April 15, 2018

What happened to summer?

Four days ago it was 18°C hotter than now. (64.4°F). From 36.9°C (98.42°F), on Wednesday 11 April to 19°C (66.2°F) on Saturday. Boiling hot, flake out on the floor weather to under the rug weather. I know it isn't really cold, but the changes are difficult. My furs start to thicken up and then they shed. And then they have to grow again. The furs are confused and so am I. This is supposed to be autumn.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


I am a good model. But my eyes are shut. Just resting after playing with the ball.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

Some greeting images for fellow kitties. I feel the one with the rabbit and flower theme is more suitable for junior kitties. It was Lynettea's idea.
I didn't push any Easter Eggs off my table either. It is a made up image in case you are worried.
We did have a friend over and I let her give me a little bit of patting.
Happy Easter Everyone!

Tummy Rub

After having a tummy rub in the morning, I like to spend quite a bit of time having a quality sleep in.