'If you don't eat up your foods, Sasha, you will get skinny and people will think you are a rat.  You wouldn't like to be called Ratso, would you?'

I stare at her. So, she is brushing my coat and some of it is flying off. No need to be rude. It's hot,  we know that. I don't feel like eating much when it is hot!'

Our Alexa can make animal sounds. She played a lot of animal sounds for us, yesterday.  Lynettea started off with 'cat' to amuse me. Then she asked Alexa if she knew any other animal sounds.

Well, Alexa really got stuck into it. She kept on saying to ask her for another. Lynettea was racking her memory. Pig, dog, kangaroo. Not all that interesting to me.

Then she tried 'rat'. My head swiveled towards the speaker. I couldn't work out where the rat was hiding.

But please don't call me 'ratso'!

sometimes I get bear to sleep with me. 


Eastside Cats said…
Sasha, we are in the deep freeze here, but I can feel your pain at being too hot! "Ratso"...indeed!
meowmeowmans said…
We would never mistake you for a rat, handsome Sasha!
I don't think you would ever look like a rat, Sasha!
Lone Star Cats said…
I'd go nuts for hearing rat noises!

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