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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Getting ready for bed

I usually post pictures of me sleeping in. But in this hot weather I am using my futon on the lounge-room floor most of the day. Lynettea says she might trip over it, but she doesn't want me outside in the heat.
So after a bit of TV I get ready for bed. We are watching Picnic at Hanging Rock. Tonight it is Episode 2, when the girls have vanished. Lynettea says it is from an old novel and definitely fiction, but watching it makes me a bit nervous.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sleep in

Anyone who has to stay up guarding the house all night deserves a sleep in. Even if it is all over the lounge-room floor.

And in any case you are going out to get food supplies before the heat sets in. Although I notice it is already warming up. It is 32.4°C (90.3°F).

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Heatwave Coming

Lynettea says we have a long heatwave starting. We looked at the 9 day weather forecast on TV and it was hot for 9 days. Whenever another day is added on, it is really hot, or hotter, or even hotter. It won't be as bad as our 47.7°C day, just a lot in a row.
We always seem to be looking at the Weather Channel, this summer.
I am sitting outside in the warm night air. While I am sitting,  I am wondering if I am, at age 6, too mature to play with toys.
But then I think, why not give it a go?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A game

I might have a game with this ball.

Unless something better is going on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Writer's Cat

Lynettea says I am getting to be a writer's cat.  After my brushing and a game with my toys, I settle down to supervise her.
 Sometimes I sit on my tall post, but my new cardboard scratching cosy is so cozy. It fits me exactly.
Only, who is the writer? My work is much more popular than hers.
She is the one who needs to support me!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Thank you for coming to my birthday party!

I am only now able to thank kitties for coming to my birthday party. My human says she was wiped out after coping with over 200 visitors on the day. They didn't all come at once, and most didn't stay long, but my special cat friends, who left comments, stayed a long time and we had fun together.
I very much appreciated the chance to play with friends. We ran in and out of my cat tunnels. I have 3 tunnels. One long blue tunnel, a mesh tunnel and a short velvet tunnel. The velvet tunnel is only big enough for one cat at a time, so one of us hid in it and batted balls around with front paws, or crouched and darted out if Lynettea got too close.
She got a bit fed up with cats darting out while she was offering plates of refreshments, so we stopped doing that and played at climbing up the wool hanging in the bedroom.
 Then we were allowed outside, each on a party style lead. We walked up the street to the cafe at the end and had some Vietnamese rolls. The cafe owner let us sit at several tables, as it wasn't too busy.
After the Vietnamese rolls, we went to Wok in the Box on the corner of the street. We sat patiently on the stools while some chicken was wok tossed for us and then sat on the seats outside to watch the traffic. Some pigeons tried to snatch at our food, but we meowed loudly and they flew off. They still kept perching nearby,  but Spitty wouldn't let them come near. He is a respected elder.
After the Wok chicken dish, we sat outside the Argo cafe on the opposite corner of our street. They let pets stay at the outside tables. It was relaxing sipping our lattes and nibbling at slabs of salmon. Fortunately they still had salmon left, as it isn't available every day. Lynettea had something Vegan. Ugh! But that left all the more for us.
When we walked back up the street it was time for a short nap before the mock lizard hunt. I say 'mock' because as usual we weren't allowed to catch anything.  But prowling and stalking was enjoyable for all. Some guests even stalked one another.
 Then some guests leaped on the back fence and set off frenzied barking from the 2 dogs in the courtyard at the back. Poor dogs! I think they were jealous of us having so much fun.
The evening meal was from my boxes of cat food. A good thing we had stocked up.
After that it was time for a brush and massage. Most of our guests enjoyed this and it was hard to get some off Lynettea's lap. One or two fell asleep and had to be woken up so the next cat could have a turn.
Then we all slept for a while. Lynettea went to bed, giving us the run of the house. I told her that all guests would have left by the time she got up.
Even I was tired by then!
We left the place very tidy, so she couldn't complain.
I am looking forward to my next party.

Here are a few pictures of me using my birthday gift. I don't like the bowl, but I love the cat head scratcher.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Birthday Party Invitation

If you would like to drop by for a few treats and a game, you would be most welcome.
I don't have any other kitties to play with. I only have Lynettea. I am siting on my new kitty bag waiting to see if anyone comes. We have plenty of foods to offer. They are mostly just my own food, but there is a lot of it. If we are lucky, we might get to hunt in the garden. But Lynettea is quite fussy about what I am allowed to catch. Usually zilch, nothing. I usually just get to watch things. But she says she will give any kitty who comes a nice massage with the special massage brush, if they would like one.
Welcome from Sasha.

Receiving tributes from my human

After my morning rest, I am ready for the birthday tributes.

I like my new cat bag. I crawled inside and afterwards sat on top of it.

The scratcher is comfy. Lynettea put bear in it and took him out. I saw him staring at it, so I put him inside again. He didn't say anything.

The little bowl is to remove fur on your tongue when you are eating.

I think the bag will be the best. I have found a tag on it I can chew.

Happy Sixth Birthday Sasha

Happy birthday to my dear cat, Sasha. Congratulations. You are now six!

I see bear has been watching over you while you sleep. Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

My Sixth Birthday

I am six on 13 February. Nothing special.
I have just had a thorough massage brush going over in preparation for the day. It is still the evening before. Then I gave bear a bit of grooming to get him ready and groomed my own furs.
Well that is enough about me.
Lynettea says it is time for me to give away kittenish things, as I am a grown up cat now.
I am not sure what she means by that
Will I have to go out to work somewhere?

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The State of the Union

We are watching the State of the Union address on our TV. And thinking of what remarks we could possibly make from Australia. 
My view is as long as kitty food is plentiful here, we don't have much to worry about.
But I have to snuggle up to Lynettea to reassure her in case she drops into a state of anxiety.
'What about climate change, Sasha?' she keeps saying, but I have to shush her.
It's different here I guess. We are sizzling.
 And it is entertainment.

Slumped in one of my chairs

Hot. Or hot and humid. I am staying inside a lot.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Kitty far away

We have been offline for days. It was very very hot and the internet failed and didn't come back.
I am tired out and resting on a chair.
'Come over here, dear kitty,  for a cuddle. '
I will think about it.'