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Monday, June 17, 2019

Something's Up

I knew it! Early to rise with the alarm going off while it is dark outside, my toys shoved around the place!
   'We have to get things done, Sasha!' she said. Always a bad sign. I hate disruption. I jumped on the bookshelves in the hall and jabbed at her head as she went past.
   'Do you want your food, Sasha my love, ' she said, dodging out of reach.
   Then she put gravy food in my bowl, which was not my favourite this morning, so I ignored it.
   She kept on 'tidying', as she calls it, stacking away my equipment. Then she went outside to check something.
   Then she ate breakfast and after that started looking for me.
   'Where are you, Sasha? Good kitty!'
   She kept calling out from room to room.
   'Oh. He must be outside,' she said.
   She opened the back door and there I was, walking back into my play area. It was nice going out by myself for once, instead of having to supervise her all the time. I enjoyed my stroll in the garden. But it is warmer inside.
   She made a big fuss, as if I can't look after myself.
   Now the gardener has come to do our yearly pruning of the grapevines and quince and crabapple trees.
   And I think someone else is coming to do work too.
   I am getting a bit nervous.
   I am now under the bed. Waiting.

looking out on a rainy day


Summer at said...

Humans can be WAY too busy, you know?

Eastside Cats said...

Sasha, I hope that you managed to snack on something...a cat cannot live on fresh air alone!

pilch92 said...

Under the Bed is the safest spot.