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Saturday, July 20, 2019

200,000 visits

Welcome to our next visitor! You will take the blog to 200,000 visits. Which cat will it be? We won't be able to tell, but welcome!
We can have a game rushing through my new tunnel.


meowmeowmans said...

Is it us? Congratulations on 200,000 visits, Sasha, Angel Diamond, Pond Fish and Lynettea! XO

Sasha said...

I can't tell if it was You. We haven't had many cats visit today, only 19 so far. Yesterday it was more than 230, which is why we knew it would go over 200,000. Diamond started the blog a long time ago, so it took years and years for us to reach this milestone. I hope you enjoyed playing in my tunnel with me and the cat party treats. Lynettea thought the salmon patties would be special.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood.....we dunno if we waz number 200,000 but we due nor yur tunnelz awesum !!! :) ♥♥

Eastside Cats said...

Wow, that's fantastic!