A Modern Cat

The word 'modern' describes me. I am modern in both thinking and behaviour. My attitude is thoroughly modern.

My human might be described as 'vintage'.

'What's that,  Sasha? Did you say something?'

Not to worry. She has a very elementary understanding of cat language. I am forced to paw at her or meow to get her attention. No subtleties of expression are possible.

Here is my portrait as a modern cat. I like the forcefulness it shows. It is very evocative of my purrsonality.


That is an awesome portrait, Sasha!
Eastside Cats said…
Sasha, you are very up-to-date and with it!
However, I like the sobriquet 'vintage' for your human...and, obviously, for anyone who isn't as modern as you are!
catladymac said…
Vintage she may be, Sasha, but she also has Opposable Thumbs.
pilch92 said…
ALl I know is you are adorable.

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