View of the climate action rally

Since I wasn't allowed to attend the climate rally, Lynettea said I could show some of her photos.

No cats attended. It was noisy, with lots of shouting and waving signs. Lynettea brought her sign home. It was a small sign on cardboard saying 'renewable is do-able'. She didn't make it. It was a spare when she met the Australian Conservation Foundation people.

She told me she waved the sign a lot for both of us. As she was representing two, she had to shout and wave twice as hard. I was pleased she didn't get trampled in the crowd.


meowmeowmans said…
Awesome! We are so glad that Lynettea took part in the climate rally, Sasha!
catladymac said…
Good for your huMom !
Eastside Cats said…
If only the powers that be will LISTEN!
dood....renew a bull IZ doo a bull....glad yur mum waz a part oh thiz important
rally ~~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

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