Who is this toy for?

When my cat food arrives this morning by courier. I run under the bed.
After an hour, when I decide to check on her, Lynettea says, 'There's a special toy inside the carton for you, Sasha. Shall I open it?'
Why ask me?' I wonder, since she is going to open it anyway.
She attacks the sticky tape with scissors,  wrenches back the cardboard flaps and pulls out a light green ball with fronds. I remember seeing it in the online store. Some of the reviews were good, some poor.
'Here! Catch it, Sasha,' she says.
But I don't want to catch it. I really came out to remind her to fill the food bowl.
Oh!' she says, 'Lets try again.'
I jump on top of my pole to get away from it.
She starts throwing it up to me. I push it off. Next time I bat it off. Then I grab it in my jaws and drop it. I am enjoying seeing her so excited, scrabbling after it on the floor. Humans are a good pet.
Now, where's my food?


Eastside Cats said…
"Humans are a good pet"...aww, that's so nice of you to say, Sasha!
dood...we are CRACKIN UP !!!!! thiz post iz hill larry uz ...☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺♥♥
pilch92 said…
How nice of you to humor her :)
That sounds like it may turn out to be a fun toy... after dinner, that is!
Dr. Mike said…
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