Where is the Visitor

Today we are waiting for a visitor who hasn't come. 
'At least the place is tidy, ' says Lynettea. 'Did she get the time wrong, or the day? Or maybe she couldn't find the way? It was her idea to come and I haven't seen or heard from her for I don't know how long. Maybe 45 years?'
Well at least we got the house tidy and it is nice sitting here and having a rest.


Gee Sasha, I hope the visitor finally showed up or called.
At least your place is looking good and you are comfy :)
Purrs, Julie
Cleo said…
Enjoying a rest in a tidy home- what more could one ask for? Sounds like pure bliss to me!
Eastside Cats said…
Well, a house-cleaning for any reason is a worthy goal.
Except around here at Eastside Cats...
catladymac said…
We hope the visitor is ok and you eventually have a pleasant get-together.
pilch92 said…
I hope your visitor showed up.
meowmeowmans said…
Hmm. Did the visitor ever show up, Sasha?

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