More from the winter house

L ynettea made a video for me. I can't put it on blogger, so it is on YouTube. 


Eastside Cats said…
Sasha, that was a fine blep in the beginning!
We know that you just did not want to look at the look left, you look right, you look down, then you jump up!
Why not stare straight at the thing, and meowl really hard?
dood !!! we gived ewe a pawz UP at de moovee place....we think ewe shuld knock that bear outta ther...and then may bee haz a snooze anda snax :) ♥♥☺☺
pilch92 said…
Cute video- good job keeping track of what is going on. :) XO
meowmeowmans said…
Hi sasha, we're going to check out your video out now!

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