More Spring Greetings

The crabapple blossoms are falling now, but here I am,  modelling for my Spring Photoshoot.
This is a moody picture. 
My framed portrait. 
Now I have doubled up to make a commemorative Sasha plate.

I am very well behaved as she makes me into a mosaic.
And greetings to all my fellow kitties! 
Where is my lunch?


What a pawsome series of pictures with you and those crabapple blossoms!
Very handsome you are too Sasha;)

Purrs, Julie
Eastside Cats said…
Lunch is much more impawtant than any artwork, Sasha!
Hope you managed to claim your meal.
pilch92 said…
Beautiful art. You could sell plates like that. XO
meowmeowmans said…
Very nice artwork, Sasha! But yes, lunch is very important, so on to that! :)

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