Mummy or Human Friend?

Would I prefer a mummy or a human friend.
'Well, Sasha, what does a mummy do?'
Feed me. Cuddle me with a mummy cuddle. Groom my furs. Call the Vet (bad), order me around (bad).
'And what does a human friend do?'
Play games with me. Stroke my furs.
'So, what do you think?'
I spend most of my time looking after the human, whether she thinks she is the friend or the mummy.  Maybe she has a split personality. I had better humour her, so I purr and stare at her.
'You need a mummy and a friend. That is good, Sasha. Dear kitty!'


My human's most important jobs are personal assistant and bodyguard.
Sasha said…
Summer, in your highly responsible position that is what you need. I hope a cat snatcher never comes after you.
pilch92 said…
Good news, she can be your mummy and your friend- and your maid and chef too. :) XO
meowmeowmans said…
Maybe a mummy and friend hybrid. Is here such a creature, Sasha?
We agree with Miss Ellen. Moms can be friends and maids and chefs!

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