Cat TV

I am often disappointed there are very few cat actors on TV. I had a brief glimpse of a cat on a Korean Drama yesterday. She was a pretty little starlet, but only on screen for a minute or two. So, this morning, Lynettea found a cat grouping on YouTube that lets me watch cat actors all the time. Here are a few still shots she took from the TV. You can see me in my chair on the left hand side of the photo, although it is rather dark.


meowmeowmans said…
There should definitely be more cat actors, Sasha!
Maybe I'll get cast in something! That would be fun!
Sasha said…
Most of these are home movie. But your human could make one of you, if he or she is skilful.
dood....ewe noe....ewe R right....ther are knot manee cat actorz on tee vee.... we noe dawgz have had ther own show.....

indeed ~~~~~

;) ♥♥☺☺
pilch92 said…
Youtube has a lot of good shows for cats. :) XO

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