Vaccination Day

 Lynettea put all my toys away early in the morning and tidied the laundry.  She said she was having a clean up. I was suspicious, but it seemed fairly normal. Then she shut me in the laundry and the vet came in.
 He remembered me from last year. 
I hid in the corner, but it wasn't any good. He jabbed me with needles, put a syringe in my mouth, felt me all over and pruned my front paws' nails. I was glad to see him go.

I had just settled in one of my cosies when the phone rang. The vet had forgotten to give me my FIV vaccination and was coming back. Lynettea picked me up and put me in the laundry again. This time I was ready, but it was no use. A quick jab of the weaponlike needle in my back. I squirmed.
Then he was gone.


That was a nasty surprise to have the vet come back for a second time!
Glad you survived 2 Vet visits!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would be watching the window too.
Purrs, Julie total lee time lynettea putz yur toyz a way...sneek out ta wear de pond fish live N hide out ther ~~~ ;) ♥♥
pilch92 said…
Sorry you didn't get to hide. XO
meowmeowmans said…
That does not sound fun at all, Sasha. We sure are glad it is over, and that you are all squared away.
At least it was over quickly, and you didn't have to go anywhere.

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