The Red Bandage

I got home very late from the Vet. My food hadn't been served and I had a great red bandage on my arm. Someone must have put it on when I was asleep.  I felt groggy when I woke up, so I think they drugged me. You can't trust humans.
But today I got the bandage off. Lynettea is pretty hopeless. She started to peel it into a big red flapping piece and I was nearly falling over just trying to walk around. She sat there on the floor trying to get me to come close. Of course I danced clear from her. Humans are not to be trusted.
She got the idea after a while and slumped back on the lounge saying, 'You will trip, Sasha.'
But after a few minutes grooming my arm, the bandage fell off.
Cats are smarter than humans in every way I can think. Otherwise why would they remain our servants?

A note from Lynettea.  Sasha had a cyst removed, his teeth were cleaned and his blood tests were all clear.


I am glad everything went well and you are safely back home, Sasha.
YAY!!! I am happy to hear that you survived your catnapping and surgery and are safely back home! Good too, that the tests were good.
Hope you get some good treats after that ordeal!!!!!
Purrs, Julie
pilch92 said…
I am glad it was just a cyst. XO

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