Asleep but Alert

A restful morning after a busy night guarding. Lynettea is unaware of my efforts and she wonders why I get tired.
Possums going for the quinces, clattering on the roof, it was stressful.
All she can say is, 'Stay inside and don't fight possums or you will be torn to pieces.'
As if I can fight them. I can't get out.
Even when I sleep, I stay alert.


Humans seldom know the things we cats do to keep them safe when they sleep!
We make sure intruders do hot get in, especially possums !
We have raccoons and I keep an eye on them!
I would not want to encounter them!
Purrs, Julie
itz all wayz good two keep one eye open ! oh, N say HI two
de pond fish for uz ! ❤️
pilch92 said…
Always good to be alert. :) XO

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