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I haven't posted for a while

I have missed my friends. Lynettea wasn't able to help me post on my blog, as she wasn't well. But this morning she took a photo of me with a few of my toys. Then I went back to sleep.
It was raining last night and this morning it feels cooler. It has been hot for so long, and dry and some days the air was full of smoke, so we had to shut the house.
And so many of our animal friends have been killed by the bushfires. Lynettea says it was more than a billion, although not even counting creatures such as insects.
We made some donations to help save animals who had been injured in the bushfires. I was glad I hadn't had expensive Christmas presents and could give them. Lynettea says I need to advocate for climate change and urge my visitors to help change the world to be more environmentally friendly.
 So I will.
In the meantime, I need a rest.

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