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Friday, November 16, 2007

Cat sense of taste

Lynettea was busy with her wildlife blog and she found something she thought would be interesting for your humans. We kitties already know it, but you can get your humans to read the article.

'Sugar and spice and everything nice hold no interest for a cat. Our feline friends are only interested in one thing: meat (except for saving up the energy to catch it by napping, or a round of restorative petting) This is not just because inside every domestic tabby lurks a killer just waiting to catch a bird or torture a mouse, it is also because cats lack the ability to taste sweetness, unlike every other mammal examined to date.'

Thursday, November 8, 2007

creation of the cat

Lynettea read this out to me from her daily calendar this morning and I was so excited by this profound insight that I thought I would share it with my friends.
"If God created man in his own image, you've got to wonder; in whose image did he create the nobler cat?"
Author unknown

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's going on?

Yes I am well now. Lynettea was very attentive when I wasn't well, but she hasn't let me get near the computer much since then. At least I have been able to visit my friends' blogs several times when I found the computer running. I had to be quick and sometimes was forced to use it late at night when I should have been in bed resting. Here you see me at the top of my runway. I have shelves around my enclosure and a good view of the place next door through the trelliswork. The next door neighbour has moved, so I am scanning anxiously. I hope a dog doesn't move in.

Lynettea was next door sweeping and putting some pea-straw on the next door garden and I saw silly Wallis go in and roll on the pea straw remnants on the paving. He looked like a straw broom. The bits showed up really well on his black fur. Lynettea tried to sweep them off him with her broom, but he rolled over again and covered himself again with the straw.

Can you see my pond in this photo? I help Lynettea feed the fish and I think it may be time to do that now. If you click on my photos you can see them in a larger size.