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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My moon haiku showcase

Lynettea helped me make a special page for my moon haiku. I can post my haiku there so other kitties can enjoy them.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I may be needed a little bit

Today it was warmer and sunny and I took Lynettea outside a little while. She sat in a chair near me while I sat in the sun on the top of the reverse cycle air conditioning unit. It is on the ground so I can hop up there easily. I can't leap up as high as I could when I was younger.

Lynettea read a book called 'The Six Thinking Hats' by Edward de Bono. She is thinking of doing something on that with her Philosophy group. I was glad to see she was sitting quietly and improving her mind.

We cats don't need to read about thinking methods. Edward do Bono probably got all those ideas from a cat, although he would not admit it. Much the same as Isaac Newton's cat Diamond and the falling apple problem. Gravity - you only have to watch a cat leap to learn about that.

Anyway, after a while sitting together and relaxing, she decided to go and get herself some nuts for afternoon tea and brought out some of my kidney diet crispies for me and put them near me where I was sitting. So we both had a snack. So maybe she does need me a bit.

I am sitting on my cushion on top of the lounge now and think I might need a cuddle. Projecting thought waves .........

Friday, August 19, 2011

Does she need me to help her anymore?

Sometimes I wonder if Lynettea still needs my help. She is so busy with the other blogs she made that she forgets I still need time to connect with my own friends. Also she is very nasty about shutting me out of the room when she is preparing food. I don't know why that is. I am concerned that if she doesn't let me sniff at the food she may try to eat something bad. She knows that I have a much more developed sense of smell than she does.
So I sit and wait and sometimes I wonder what I am waiting for.

Monday, August 8, 2011


On Friday we had a visit from the lady who is in charge of collecting the Census information. I went up to the door, as usual, to see who was visiting. Much to my surprise, Lynettea said to her,'I suppose this will be another instance of discrimination against cats!' I wondered if I was hearing voices in my head. SHE must be telepathic. The Census lady laughed in a very inconsiderate manner, which I thought typical of a callous government official and said that pets were not included in the Census. I could see she was staring at me.

I have included a couple of photos of me enjoying the sun on the windowsill. This was before I went out.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Thank you Mr Puddyfor this sweet award.
15 unknown facts about me. That will be hard, as I have been open about my life, narrow though it may appear to have been.
I may have told you some of these before:
1. Did you know I once flew to Sydney by myself many years ago?
2. When I went to Sydney (without Lynettea) she strapped a Valium tablet to the top of the transport module so the Specialist staff in Sydney would give it to me on my way home.
3. They forgot to give me the tablet, so I was very nervous with all the noise in the plane. I was away a lot of time (days and days).
4. When I was sent away I didn't see the harbour view, although Lynettea told me to look from the plane window. She obviously didn't know that I would not be in a glamorous window seat.
5. ON arrival I was transported away in a special van designed to collect pets no-one accompanied. You can imagine how concerned I would have been at this point, except that Lynettea had forced me to swallow a Valium tablet before DUMPING ME AT THE AIRPORT IN ADELAIDE. So I was still quite drowsy.
6. Lynettea kept phoning me in Sydney, but she couldn't get through, as they didn't let cats come to the phone. Another instance of unusual and cruel discrimination against cats.
7. She spoke to the Specialist Neurologist, who had poked at me and given me an MRI scan to see if she could see what was wrong with me. (She couldn't).
8. So after all this travel I finally returned home in a solitary manner in my cage.
9. Lynettea went with a friend to pick me up. She was wondering if they had sent the right cat back. I felt a bit dazed after all the flying. Cats aren't meant to fly, otherwise they would have wings. No, I didn't see any puffy white clouds.
10. As further discrimination against cats they had put my transporter where I couldn't see out of the window and I didn't receive any inflight meals.
11. On my return home Lynettea made a lot of fuss of me. She said she had wondered if she would ever see me again.
12. I had to take cortisone tablets every day.
13. My specialist here could hardly believe it when Lynettea told him I seemed to be getting better. (my back leg had been giving way).
14. Lynettea after a long time started to cut down on my cortisone tablets and I still kept getting better. The specialist was very surprised when I showed him how I could walk across the floor of the surgery.
15. Then I got a lot better and was able to stop taking any tablets and could climb up the grapevine and bolt here and there. So I stopped going to the specialist and had to start training Lynettea again. She had got quite out of hand while I had been ill for all that time. At least she was a lot more cheerful now.

I am passing this award to the last fifteen cats who have left messages for me. Thank you kitties and your messages are all carefully read and appreciated.