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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas to cats and others

Lynettea made me add 'others' in the title. I suppose she thinks we have to be fair.

I told her that her Santa hat would not fit me. After a few poses in the Santa hat I was completely exhausted and had to lie down. It is too heavy for me and has a large pom pom.

Happy Christmas to all the kitties who visit my blog. I haven't managed to contribute to the display by the Australian kitties as I was prevented from answering my email by some human we know. I didn't even know I had some emails, as she hadn't looked at them.

Lynettea told me she had a nice afternoon looking after visitors at the Zoo, but there were no cats allowed there. Apart from the Zoo Big Cats, which have special privileges, including being able to lie on lavender beds and have a dip in the water when it is hot. I don't think I would like the water dipping part...

She said, 'you wouldn't like it there Diamond, as there were a lot of children and you are frightened of them.'

I felt that was exaggerating a bit. Maybe I am a little nervous. But it is the pram mainly, or the stroller, or the jumping and running and screeching. Just a minute, I think I will have to take a break.
It is nice and quiet under this chair. I would like some soft music playing now. Perhaps one of the more acceptable Christmas carols, such as 'Good Cat Wenceslas looked out ...
one of my all time favourites. Particularly where Cat Wenceslas goes out into the snow to help the poor cats and give them food.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My blog book

Thank you my friends for your encouraging comments. Lynettea has been selling my book to a few of her friends and sending the profits to the Animal Welfare League to help unfortunate kitties and dogs. She hasn't sold a huge number, but she says that every little helps.
I thought we could focus the money mainly on unfortunate kitties, but it turns out that you have to be fair to the other creatures. I hoped that some of the time we could favour the cats. I counted up the pictures on the cards Animal Welfare was selling and there were a lot more dog pictures than cat pictures. MIAOUW MIAOUW MIAOUW!
If my little book is helping other animals I can't really complain if a few of her friends find it funny. I think they will find all sorts of useful advice in there that will help them understand the thoughts of their own cats and perhaps become better at looking after the cats.
I hope any kitties that read the book will appreciate it for what it is ... a heartfelt and frank look at cat/human relations and an attempt at understanding the mysteries of the human mind from the cat point of view.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pawsies or Paws?

In my book I have a lovely photo of my pawsie. One of Lynettea's 'friends' told her that I shouldn't call it a 'pawsie'. Well Lynettea calls it a 'pawsie', so how am I supposed to know? I asked her and she said 'Well Diamond, I suppose it is really kitten-talk and you should say 'paw'.
Now she tells me, after twelve years of referring to them as pawsies! I must be the oldest cat in the world still having kitten-talk used to him. I am twelve, in case you have forgotten. I find this very disturbing and feel that my human is trying to keep me a kitten instead of admitting I am a mature cat. Is there some Office I can ring and COMPLAIN?

If I wasn't such a well mannered Gentlecat, I might suggest putting the 'BITEY' on the 'friend'. As it is, I suppose I will have to suffer in silence.
p.s. Enjoy the tiger paws. I don't suppose anyone will dare call them 'tiger pawsies.'

Saturday, December 13, 2008

my blog book

With Lynettea's help, using one of her computer programs, I made a little GIFT BOOK of my favourite blog entries. Lynettea showed it to some of her friends and they thought it was very funny. Is this insulting? I try to run a blog with serious commentary.

You kitties know that I have raised some important topics on my blog, like dementia in cats, the inventor of the cat flap, FIV, etc. I saw one of these 'friends' laughing at my attempts to make myself attractive to lure a film director. So, am I supposed to lack all ambition? Am I a mere plaything for my bean, I ask. If I dwell on this too much I am sure to sink into a fit of depression.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ready to use the computer

Yes I have been ready to use the computer for a long time. I can see how long it is since my last post. I am trying to hypnotize Lynettea with my flashing eyes so she will let me near the keyboard. She has been busy writing out my Christmas cards with my picture on the front, so I can't be too hard on her.
Can you see my portrait? It always stands near the computer so my bean will never forget me. Even if I am asleep somewhere she can see my noble face smiling at her.
We have been doing a lot of walking around outside in the sunshine lately. Sometimes Lynettea does some gardening while I sit and supervise her. She even has to cut my grass clump, as it is growing so fast. Then she puts it on the garden for mulch.