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Monday, June 23, 2014

Some pictures soon

An apology for not having pictures for Sasha for a while. It is my fault (Lynettea). Sasha would be keen to upload them if I put them in the computer.
Very cold and stormy here and he is resting on the sofa. I hope he is not annoyed at me commenting on the blog. Are you Sasha?
I think he may be asleep. He looks very sweet with his chin resting on his front paw and tail curled around him.
Oh. Hungry?
I will put out the food shortly. I am too slow?
I agree. I must hurry before we both starve to death!

Friday, June 20, 2014

My work chosen

Embarrassing! My work was selected for Lynettea's group anthology. The editors selected it before they looked at Lynettea's work.
I could see that she might be resentful at this, so I purred at her encouragingly when she showed me her designs for the book covers.
They had also selected a couple of her short poems. But there is no doubt as to my superiority as an author.
Lynettea said Diamond would be proud of me. I will also have some pictures included, so I urgently need a photo shoot, looking my very most elegant.
Lynettea said they thought my work was funny, but I am convinced that cannot be so. Do you think she is trying to put my work down to make hers look better? She may be jealous of me. Perhaps I should feel sorry for her.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I didn't know it would be such a big job

Nobody warned me how difficult it would be looking after a human. Maybe it is just my human who is so difficult.
What with all the property inspection, such as checking the fence line for intruders, inspection of cupboards and wardrobes, some of them almost impossible to enter, I get worn out.
Other tasks are also difficult. Checking Lynettea's food to see if it is nutritious meets with a lot of resistance and I am forbidden the sink, so I have to check the dishes when she isn't watching.
Also, she is very needy. I generally restrict her to one session of intensive cuddling per day, when she can make herself useful by brushing my fur. But she also attempts to stroke my fur at other times. I let her sit near me to watch TV if she has behaved well.
Human behaviour is so curious.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A peaceful sleep

Lynettea went out for morning tea with her friends at the café. While she was away I slept in her chair at the kitchen table.
I thought she was gone a long time and I fell into a deep and nourishing sleep. Regular and often are the most useful words to describe a kitty's need for sleep and I have been getting out of sync, living with the odd sleeping hours of my human.
She stays up too late, then I start to feel lively again and don't want to go to bed.
When she came home at last with one of her friends, I found they had morning tea first and then lunch, second. They only left because the waitress was pointedly asking about their plates, as the café was full of customers.
I stayed in my chair (usually Lynettea's chair)  while they had afternoon tea and I allowed Lynettea's friend to touch my extremely soft fur. It was a big treat for her. I know I am a rare and special cat.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

shut in the bedroom

I spent some time this morning shut in the bedroom. Lynettea thought I would not be as scared if I was in there.
The plumber was busy putting a long probe through the drains. This is the third time they have come for a blocked toilet in the last few weeks. In case any cat thinks we have three toilets, we only have one.
This time he ran his machine in the street and then at the side of the house.
Lynettea thinks it will be very expensive, being Sunday. Tomorrow may be even worse, as it is a public holiday. But you aren't having the plumber again tomorrow, are you, I thought.
Later I jumped in the kitchen sink a couple of times and got shut in the front of the house.
This is a new training tool, or is it? We will see who gets trained first.

Mary Poppins

We watched Mary Poppins together tonight and I thought to myself, 'I wish Lynettea was a bit more like Mary Poppins.'
After the movie I got very excited and bolted all over the house, leaping on and off the furniture and sliding up and down the hallway on the polished boards. I also ran back and forth through my tunnel.
Then I went outside to check if the moon was out.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

a good guide cat

One of my responsibilities is to look after Lynettea when we go out after dark for her walkies.
Humans can't see as well as cats in the dark.
They can't hear as well either. For example, I was inspecting one of my bushes planted in the neighbours garden near the footpath, when Lynettea was frightened by a bicycle rushing past her.
She jumped when she heard a twig snap, as it crunched under the bicycle wheel near where she was standing, admiring me. I was fully alert, of course and not at all startled.
I thought it best to take her inside after that, as she was complaining of being cold. I am quite warm.
She doesn't seem to be able to grow a winter coat.
She said, 'you are a good guide cat, Sasha.'

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


If someone has patted my exceptionally soft and beautiful furs or kissed the top of my adorable handsome head and then I wash myself with my tongue, wouldn't any germs go straight inside to my tummy?
How dangerous is this and how can I avoid it?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Lynettea saw my previous post and said my views were those of an immature kitty who lacked understanding. How insulting. I think Lynettea passing off my writing as her own with her Writers Group must lack understanding.
I suppose I will have to make it up with her so I get some fur brushing. I wonder if I might catch some germs if she kisses my fur. A kitty cannot be too careful these days.
PS I was looking at the fish this afternoon and in my view some of them are getting too fat. Possibly they are greedy. I will ask Lynettea to post some more pictures, as it is a long time since we had any.

does she think only of herself?

We were out for our walk as usual this afternoon when I thought I would just step on the road to look at an interesting unidentifiable something near a car tyre. What a to do!
Lynettea said, 'don't walk on the road, Sasha! It is very dangerous. What if you were to get run over? What would I do then? How would I manage without my little helper.' She was tugging at my lead strongly and pulling me back.
Thinking of herself, as usual.

Monday, June 2, 2014

a new day

I am having a late lie in on my cosy. It has a heated Snugglesafe under one corner, which keeps me very comfortable.
The rain has slunk off somewhere else and the sky is blue, Lynettea tells me. I can't see it from where I am because the cedar blinds are snapped shut. It isn't dark though, so I can see Lynettea moving about.
 She goes out to collect the newspaper and then she makes breakfast. She is very quiet and I think she doesn't want to disturb me. I need my beauty sleep. So important for us kitties. Otherwise I could be a cranky puss during the day.

Maybe I will think of stretching a leg in a little while.
A sunbeam is slanting through a crack in the Venetian blind.
The day begins.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

we went out but it rained

It rained on my furs while I was inspecting the tyres of some cars and the lamp post in the street.
So I thought it best to take Lynettea back home to the front porch. We sat there, with Lynettea on the chair and me crouched beside it, while rain poured down, filling up the gutters.
When it finished, I took Lynettea  down the path at the side of the house and rushed in where it was warm and dry. My furs got a little damp, but a quick rub down had me feeling lively again..
Now I am nestled in my cosy on the lounge, with my heated pad, waiting for Lynettea to prepare my dinner.
She said, 'It's a cat's life, Sasha,' but I don't know what she means by that.

Helper Cat

I am growing up to be a good little helper cat like Diamond was. That is what Lynettea told me after I helped her sort out sock and underwear drawers this morning. I felt sheepish when she said that. I must be losing my punch.
Now I want to go out.
But it is raining.
It wasn't raining earlier. Why were we spending the time looking through drawers? It doesn't matter if they are tidy or not.
Personally, I like my things spread around so I can easily get anything I might want to play with.
It has stopped raining now. Will we go out?