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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank You My Friends

Thank you my kind friends for your well wishes. I have more friends sending me their CARE AND CONCERN than Lynettea does if she is feeling unwell. Oh well, at least she has me to look after her; she should be grateful for that. She should be grateful I remind her to do all sorts of things too. She can be very forgetful.

And also she should be grateful I didn't claw her friend this afternoon. I kept my claws sheathed as her friend no longer reeks of DOG. I don't try to claw her, it is just a nervous reaction of my claws going in and out. Apparently the dog the friend took walking went to the Rainbow Bridge a little while ago. I hope there are not too many dogs at the cat Rainbow Bridge. Gentle small dogs would be welcome, if they are quiet and well behaved.

I need Lynettea to put out my food now, so must go.

I have put on a picture of a meerkat, as I have no new photos of myself uploaded. I don't think it is really a cat though, as it doesn't look intelligent enough. Also I don't think meerkats purr. Maybe it is a deviant sideline on our evolutionary tree.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My miaouw goes quiet

Lynettea was worried because my miaouw went very quiet and scratchy. She rang up the vet and the nurse said to keep an eye on me and put some water on my crispies. So she put water on some of my crispies, but I didn't eat any of the watered crispies (disgusting).

Today my miaouw is a lot better. Lynettea said she never thought she would say how much she appreciated my loud miaouw. Is that an insult?
I think I will take it as a compliment and note of concern. I let her brush my dear furs quite a bit, as it seemed to relieve her tension.

We went out for our walk, with me trying to control Lynettea, with difficulty. She had her notebook and stood there writing in it. Then I realized she was standing in a place where the ants were going about their business. So the ants stopped going about their usual activities and jumped on Lynettea. Shortly after that we had to go inside again so Lynettea could take off her clothes to find all the stray ants.

What a lot of noise and jumping around. I didn't have time to look for any morsels.

Lynettea's poetry book New Poets 15 is on the front of the Wakefield Press web site now, but they might shift it after a while, as it is a new book now and later it will be old like cast off furs. There is nothing sadder than cast off furs.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

you can read some of the poems

Lynettea says I should put the address where you can read some of her poems in her book and look at the cover and her picture and biography. I thought we were going to get back to normal, but I suppose I can do that for her.

and now we can concentrate on some of my affairs for a change. I need to catch up on my sleep after all the excitement.

Friday, April 9, 2010

After the book launch

Lynettea told me that some people actually laughed at some of her poems. I was mortified for her, but she didn't seem too worried. She is obviously not as sensitive as a cat would be. I don't appreciate ridicule at all and get annoyed if her 'friends' laugh at what I write.

Her 'friends' also ate all the food before she had a chance to get any. I really felt sorry for her and let her brush my coat for a while to help her settle down.

I think I will have a lie down this morning, as it has been raining. Strange to see the falling water - I am quite unused to it. Nasty on the paws, but it may bring out a few morsels later. I didn't get a chance to look for any last night as Lynettea had to go to her launch late in the afternoon and didn't get back until it was 'too late to go out now Diamond' time.

I quite enjoy a walk in the dark, but Lynettea is likely to get bitten by mosquitoes or a spider on her or 'fall over in the pitch black'. Humans are a strange lot.

The last few times I have taken her out I have renewed my interest in climbing on the trunk and branch of the grape vine. Lynettea was quite excited to see me take my run up from the back fence and down the side of the house and then climb straight up the trunk. She wasn't so pleased when I got onto a branch and had to turn around carefully to get down.

She kept giving me instructions like 'turn this way Diamond. You will get your lead tangled if you go under that vine,' etc. Of course I got down with no trouble and dashed right back to my enclosure with my tail up.
Maybe life will settle down to normal after this.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Lynettea is going to her book launch (second book launch after Writers Week) tonight. I am not sure why they have two launches. It would be easier for her if she had some cat poems in it to read. At least people would be interested to listen to those. I offered to help her compose some special cat poems for the event, but she said, 'I have to read what is in the book, Diamond.'
Well! I know when I am not wanted! I am spending the entire rest of the day sleeping on my upstairs bed in my cat run.