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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Lynettea has been so slow in letting me use the computer that I have had to use her notebooks, so I won't forget what I have to say. This is an entry from a while ago.
The rats have been annoying me all summer. Lynettea got so annoyed at the rats eating her grapes and her tomatoes and even her parsley that she rang she rang the Council to complain. The woman who answered the phone offered to provide some rat baits, but Lynettea didn’t want them. So we had to stand under the vines watching the rats eat bunches of grapes. Sometimes they ran along the fence rails and looked at us. The dog Orla from next door caught a rat, but I wasn’t allowed to hunt them, as Lynettea told me she didn’t want me to get rat bites.
I am keeping an eye out for the rat eating the quinces on my tree. If it comes into my enclosure, I will be able to get it. I am not able to go out at night to seize it when it is STEALING the quinces. When I take Lynettea out for her walk on the lead, this also restricts me, but it is essential that she gets this physical activity.
I have failed in my attempts to teach her to hunt; although I have demonstrated techniques to her many times. She has no aptitude for learning the skills. I think she is too clumsy and she moves far too slowly. At least I have been able to train her to open the windows when I give a short sharp vocal signal.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Samba and Tango

Two cats from Armidale wrote to me a while ago, after receiving my little book. Thank you Samba and Tango for your most generous donation to my Animal Welfare Appeal.

They complained that their human would not help them start their own blog. Well Samba and Tango, you will have to be prepared to walk the tough line with your humans. Perhaps you need to show them how far you are prepared to go. Start by sitting on books and papers your humans want to read, and then try to refuse some cuddles.

If this passive resistance does not work, you may have to resort to spitting and snarling, although I would not in general recommend this practice for Gentlecats. The higher class of kitty can usually manage to achieve his ends by more subtle means. You don’t want your humans to think you are becoming ‘rough’ or ‘feral’. I consider it essential to appear dignified at all times.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Natural Cat

Lynettea says I have a lot of purrsonality and she loves me even if I am a killer. I don’t think this is a very nice way to talk and she is still not grateful for my present of the rat.

If I sit here long enough on my pure wool fleece rug being warmed by my snugglesafe warmer I will lose all my natural cat instincts and that worries me.
Would I be happy going back to the Natural Cat? I suppose I will never know.